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Investing In The Future Through Interns

When you’re growing fast, it’s important to be thinking about the future and the most important part of that process is your people. The key to Dyn’s success has always been its people: finding them, growing them and growing with them.

This doesn’t apply only for full-time employees, but our interns as well. By recruiting star interns, we’ve been able to develop them into amazing talent who work here full-time.

In the five years I’ve been here, interns have played a big role in our success: a reason why we had our first ever Intern Day in March where we brought in 40 potential interns from colleges like WPI, SNHU, Northeastern, UNH Durham, UNH Manchester, Saint Anselm, Boston University and even a couple of folks up from Duke.

The day was not only an opportunity for us to get to know them but for them to see what we’re all about. Kicking it off with a pizza lunch, we introduced them to 17 project mentors so they could think about what would best suit them. It was a way for them to understand the passion we have for what we do. We had opportunities across the board from marketing, accounting, finance, engineering, IT and more. After hearing from the mentors, they were able to sign up for interviews there on the spot.

Dyn Bowling
Some Dyners at a recent company bowling event.

To say that we were impressed with the talent that showed up that day would be an understatement.

We were left with some difficult decisions to make — the sign of a successful day. We weren’t alone in that assessment as we asked those who showed up to rate the experience, “How likely are you to recommend our Intern Day to a friend?” The average response was a 9.63 out of 10, so it looks like we’ll be doing this again next year!

For this summer, we plan on having 30 interns working at our Manchester headquarters but our job isn’t over the day they show up for work. Juliane Theriault did an amazing job of getting them in the door and will be working as the Intern Coordinator this summer, hosting special events that encourage them to bond together.

We want them to feel part of Dyn as well, so they’ll be joining the rest of us during our company lunches and meetings. This ensures that they not only learn from their time here, but that we learn from them as well. There’s no telling what amazing discovery will happen when they ask,“Why do we do this like this?”

One reason our interns are so important to us is that we don’t stick them in the corner doing menial work. They work with cutting-edge technology and solve real problems. We’ve had many interns take the opportunity and turn it into a full-time position. Those who haven’t? We still keep in touch with them and have a solid relationship with them all.

Dyn started in a college dorm room and as we grow, we never want to lose our roots.

We’re successful and continue to grow because our people continue to grow and be successful. Internships are not only a way to give back, but a way for us to ensure a bright future.

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