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DNS Active Failover: Could It Save Your Career?

Any idea how many digital business disruptions happen every day? According to a recent Aberdeen study, “How Internet Traffic Steering Is Shaping the Hybrid Cloud Edge,” 78 percent of organizations reported have at least four website disruptions a month. Even worse, these disruptions take as long as an hour to resolve. What would an hour of downtime mean for your business, not to mention your reputation? Or even your career?

Given that an hour of downtime can cost anywhere from $60,000 to several million dollars—depending upon the size and nature of your online business—it is important to do whatever is necessary to avoid it.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the first thing users encounter as they begin their internet journey to your site or application, so it is the best place to enforce failover policies.

High Availability or Disaster Recovery? It’s all Business Continuity to the DNS

From a DNS perspective, both disaster recovery and high availability are handled in the same way: active failover redirects traffic to an alternate location if your primary location becomes unavailable, and it enables your content to remain reachable, provided there’s a host available to fail over to.

Whether it’s to address performance and latency issues, or when you lose a site completely, the same DNS technology will reroute traffic to an available destination—assuming an end-to-end redundancy strategy is in place from the edge to the endpoint.

What’s Next?

You can’t always know what potential downtime situation looms next on the horizon, but you can be pretty sure that something will come up. It may come in the form of a broken internet connection or availability issues of a site hosting the application you’re trying to access. But one thing is certain, without a DNS active failover strategy in place, your ability to mitigate downtime will be limited.

Check out our webinar on using DNS Active Failover.

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