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Digital Transformation Means New Focus On DNS, IT Infrastructure For Enterprise CEOs

Just 10 years ago, the needs of IT were largely relegated to the line items of an annual budget. The C-suite would consider infrastructure and other issues that would help ensure business continuity and growth, but IT did not play a mission-critical role in most business verticals. But those days are long gone. The speed of digital transformation accelerates by the quarter and today’s Enterprise CEOs are very aware that IT and cloud-related decisions are critical in helping them thrive.

Mark Hurd, co-CEO of Oracle, spoke to these seismic changes in CEO thinking in his remarks to Oracle CloudWorld in New York this January. By the year 2025, Hurd predicted:

  • 80 percent of IT spend will be on innovation and cloud (not maintenance, which is currently 80 percent of spend)
  • On-premise data center usage to drop by 80 percent
  • All business-critical data will live in the cloud
  • The Enterprise cloud will be the most secure place to store data
  • All Dev/Test (DevOps) will occur in the cloud
  • Just two clouds will own 80 percent of the market
  • 80 percent of production apps will live in the cloud

A full review of the conference can be found here.

Hurd is hardly alone in these predictions. The Enterprise is well on its way to a hybrid cloud future. PwC’s recent 20th CEO survey echoed familiar cloud migration themes.

Digital transformation is a major driver of CEO decision-making – impacting thinking about growth, security and brand equity and reputation. CEOs must plan for digital experiences that are optimized and always-on for customers, employees and partners around the globe. They must ensure network integrity and security from internal and external threats. And, above all, they must understand how to make their business resilient against internet disruptions and outages (90% of PwC Enterprise CEO respondents cited this area as a concern for negative shareholder trust in the business over the next five years).

The best DNS solutions ensure best-in-breed cross-channel digital experiences and enable mitigation from disruptions and outages. In many ways, DNS is the easiest and most effective means for organizations to keep customers happy, prevent revenue loss and maintain a sterling brand experience. DNS and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), once acronyms that a CEO wouldn’t be expected to know – let alone set strategy on – now play a fundamental role in the way Enterprises do business.

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