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Defining “Rock Solid” Internet Infrastructure

At Dyn we have a tendency to focus on two main things — rock-solid relationships and rock-solid DNS infrastructure. Defining a relationship with a client as “solid” is easy to explain, just check out our case studies or 3rd party validation reviews, but defining what it means to have rock-solid technology and infrastructure…that can be a bit more complex. Since having one without the other would be like having cake and not getting to eat it too, we thought we’d take the time to define why our infrastructure, like the state of New Hampshire, is solid as a rock.

Laying the Foundation

Clients on the Dynect Platform are served by Dyn Inc.’s Global IP Anycast network. Anycast networks in general are more reliable based on their routing methodology that will answer a query or lookup from the closest node or data center available. Anycast provides high-availability and failover because the DNS service is distributed over multiple geographically dispersed servers.

Dynect’s Anycast network is currently one of the largest in the world, with a total of 17 current PoPs (Point of Presence) globally with locations in: Seattle, WA; Palo Alto, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Newark, NJ; New York, NY; Ashburn, VA; Miami, FL; Dallas, TX; London; Amsterdam (X2); Frankfurt, Singapore; Hong Kong; Tokyo and Sydney.

Size and Location (Yes, It Matters)

Having an Anycast network is great, but yes, the number of locations also plays a big role in the reliability, redundancy, speed and overall performance of the network. Think of it in these terms — when you go to a store (especially this time of the year), your trip can be made significantly faster (and more enjoyable) if there are multiple registers open and ringing up anxious customers. The more registers open, the faster the line moves and the faster you are out the door. A similar situation is created with DNS — when there are a higher number of data centers up and ready to respond to queries, traffic load is more evenly distributed making response times that much faster.

More Bells, More Whistles

Getting yourself on a high availability, Anycast network means you are taking a step in the right direction for choosing a smart DNS solution, but there are other factors that set Dyn’s network and infrastructure apart from other enterprise offerings.

While we can’t name names or disclose exact numbers, customers on the Dynect Platform can rest assured knowing that within each top-notch and fully secure data center we operate, there are multiple servers, multiple checks and balances on every level and a mix of only Tier 1 Internet Service Providers for connectivity. Add to this a team of engineers that are monitoring performance 24/7 and available to address any possible issue and you will have found the most rock-solid solution out there — us!

How This Helps you Sleep at Night

With a network of this size, top-notch equipment and a team dedicated to around the clock monitoring, the likelihood of a service disruption is extremely unlikely. Every aspect of our network set up has been constructed by experts, in a way that ensures uptime — not to mention we have the industry’s highest SLA (99.999%) to go with it. Uptime really is our bottom line and yours too.

All in all we understand that with something as critical as DNS, people sometimes get nervous putting all of their eggs in one basket, but here at Dyn we can say with certainty that choosing us means you’ve chosen the most sturdy, reliable and rock-solid basket available.

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