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Repetition & Refinement Are Keys To Support Excellence

Our Dyn Concierge team handled nearly 15,000 phone calls and 75,000 tickets in 2011. That doesn’t even count assisting our sales team, who have the Implementation team running around non-stop all day assisting our new DNS and Email customers.

However, our team isn’t nearly as big as you would think when you first look at those numbers. We come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from IT, public sector, military, retail, special education, TV industry and more. With all that diversity, there is one simple constant on how we can learn our job, do our job, and do it so well: repetition and refinement.

Dyn SupportWhen I first came to Dyn back in April 2009, I was immediately warned that I would have a pop quiz occur quite often: “What is a MX record?” It was the inside joke of the Client Services team to see how fast a new person learns and how quickly they can react to an unexpected question at the most awkward of moments (mine was being asked in the restroom).

Every single new teammate has a moment about two to three weeks into the job that we have labeled “The Freak Out.” They worry that they are not understanding the theory, the jargon, the scenarios and the gotchas and wonder if this is really the job for them.

This happens despite the entire team telling them non-stop how great they are doing. Still, they just don’t believe it.

As I progressed with my training, I soon began to realize something: my answer for what an MX record was kept getting shorter and shorter, more concise and to the point. What was once a paragraph explanation with many pauses, umms and a rising heartbeat soon became three sentences, then two, then finally one smooth, straightforward and simple one: “MX Records specify what servers receive email for a domain name.”

The light bulb goes on. You exhale. A smile appears on your face and you realize you are going to make it.

This repetition is key for the development of our Concierge and Implementation teams. This was not just true for the MX record question, but for just about every customer inquiry we come across. The key to surviving the training is repetition and refinement of our responses to our customers, whether they are external (our paying customers) or internal (our sales team). A member of the Concierge team will do thousands of calls and tickets over the course of a year, while our Implementation team will be on hundreds of sales calls a year and even more emails.

We will encounter just about every situation that can come up in DNS and Email. Yet in the end, every single scenario relies on the same basic set of principles for DNS and Email. When all else fails, you break down the issue, start from the basics and verify the several steps that have to happen for the service to work. The cause of the problem is quickly found and resolved. What results from this process is something quite remarkable.

Every single individual on the team has their own style, their own written responses and their own methods for assisting our customers with getting the answer to their question or fixing their issue.

We don’t use scripts, because we want our team members to have their own identity and to show how knowledgeable and adaptable they really are. Every time you talk to us on the phone or correspond via email, you have a real smart human on the other end that simply knows their stuff, because of the repetition and refinement they underwent to provide world class customer service.

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Whois: Chris Gonyea

Chris Gonyea is a solutions architect at Oracle Dyn, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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