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Customer Predictions: Where Will We Be In 30 Years?

We decided to have a little Friday fun with our customer reference team in the_Root, and decided to ask them: What is the coolest thing you think will exist in the next 30 years (2055)? Our team kicked it off — we’re hoping for teleporting because we loathe traffic! Check out their answers below.

We had a lot of Mars…

You stole my idea with teleporting, so I’ll go with life on Mars 🙂

-Adam Litman, Thomson Reuters

Human Mission to Mars.

-Piotr Wrzesniowski, Glencore International AG

I’m gonna go with Mars mission!

-Jason Semon, The New York Times Company

Mars travel.

-David Fleischmann, Alpha Payments Cloud

Some Back to the Future…

A real hoverboard?

-Landon Wisely, Texas Capital Bank

Hoverboard, like back to the future.

-Lukasz, Thomson Reuters

Your average miscellaneous transportation…


-Michael Viccu, Salve Regina University

Personal spaceship.

-Brian Munn, Quanta Services, Inc.

And, of course, some dystopian, “we’re never going to make it another 30 years on this planet”, hopefulness…

The Hunger Games will be pretty cool when they happen.

-Nick Voorhies, Bottomline Technologies


-Nicola Marangoni, Swiss txt AG

Any predictions of your own?? Share with us on Twitter @dyn!

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