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Custom Domain Tracking With Email Delivery

Like any reliable email relay or ESP, Dyn Email Delivery can provide stats on how many people open your emails and how many links are clicked. This is accomplished by “wrapping” links and tracking pixels with Dyn’s tracking link to log events on our servers and provide you with these vital statistics.

In practice, this means that if you hovered over a link in your email, like:

…if it was sent via the Dyn Email Delivery platform, you would see this: (followed by a “hash” for this particular link).

To security-savvy recipients, this might appear to be a phishing attempt. Ideally, every link in your emails should be associated with your brand and your domain. In the above example, recipients may not be familiar with “” and become suspicious of the email’s origin. Dyn Email Delivery now provides you with an easy way to whitelabel your links, so that all tracking links will begin with your custom subdomain, such as:

For current clients, this is very easy to set up in your account in the Dyn web portal in just three easy steps:

3 Easy Steps

  1. Under “Approved Senders”, click “Custom Domains”
  2. Click “Add Custom Domain”
  3.  Once the DNS record is validated, you can assign the domain to senders

This process also involves setting up a DNS record on your domain, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer experience team. Dyn is pretty good with DNS, too!

Behind the scenes, we have a robust second-generation API in place that will allow us to add and iterate to our API bag of tricks more easily and quickly in the future. What does that mean for you? Stay tuned for more updates in early 2015.

Happy Holidays from the Dyn Email Delivery team!

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