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Culture-Con Preview: From Disney To Dyn, Employees Matter

I have glanced at many of Dyn’s culture blogs recently and thought about a story I heard several months ago from a reliable source in the world of customer service, budgeting, planning, and business practice: my wife, Lisa.

It is about a company who had very humble beginnings, nearly closing its doors on a regular basis in its early years and then expanded beyond even the belief of its owner and board members. It is a business that is particularly good at driving a brand through every one of its employees, 133,000 and growing.

Here’s the story that you’ve also likely experienced.Disney Culture - DynA long time ago, in a land far away, a young visitor to Walt Disney World left her favorite stuffed animal behind. The family called the resort and the “Mousekeeper” found the toy in the room. Rather than simply returning the lost animal, the cast member took the stuffed animal on a tour of the Magic Kingdom, snapping pictures at the attractions.

The little girl not only got a favorite companion back, but a disk full of pictures of its adventures at Disney.

I am sure that is just one customer experience retold over and over in the life of Disney. Many visitors to the park often walk away with a similar story of being treated like royalty and as a customer of this brand, I can validate these efforts as well.

“Experience” is a key word in Disney culture. According to their web site, the company is “committed to producing unparalleled entertainment experiences.” The company encourages every employee to not just think of ways to enhance the Disney experience, but to act on those ideas. It makes a difference, not just in the experience of the visitor but also of the employee.

When your employees knows what your mission is and when they know what your objectives are, it is easy to reinforce those ideas through their actions.

This leads me back to my thought on our culture here at Dyn. Expecting your people to enjoy the work day, giving them a voice, expecting them to have ideas and solutions for the entire company, both internal and external, can improve the way you operate and present the image of your company. Whether we realize it or not, every employee is an ambassador and reflection to our brand.

The Dyn culture will always be a reflection of the leadership and its contributors. In this day in age, having a remarkable work environment is, well, remarkable!

Be at the first Culture-Con on Tuesday, January 31 — an event that not only asks the question about what makes a great corporate culture, but facilitates discussion on how to implement these best practices into your own unique work environment. It will feature a keynote address from Donavon Roberson, Director of Service Innovations at OOBE and formerly Culture Evangelist at Zappos, in addition to other speakers, breakout sessions and more. Get more information and reserve your spot now.

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