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Culture-Con Preview: 8 Ideas For Enhancing Culture Via Positive Change

In the nearly five years I’ve been at Dyn, I’ve seen a lot of change. We’ve gone from offering DNS and email services to home consumers and small businesses to supporting some of the biggest names on the web in our evolution into a true Internet IaaS leader.

When you’re employee #16, you and everyone else wear a lot of hats. But as you grow, you start bringing in more specialists and you have to learn to give some of those hats away. If you’re not careful, you can isolate employees and leave them feeling undervalued.

With the first Culture-Con coming up in January, I wanted to pass the microphone to Bob Faw from the Matchbox Group, Chief Ignition Officer and one of the co-organizers of the event, for some thoughts on how to move forward with change in a positive way.

– Chris Widner, Director of Culture & Talent Development

Bob Faw - Matchbox Group
Bob Faw -- Matchbox Group

Every change your company goes through is an opportunity to enhance the culture. Hey, it’s going to affect the culture regardless of what you do so you might as well make sure that the change process helps, instead of hurting it.

We’ve found that using positive change methods make the change journey itself as positive as the end results. Also, we’ve found that the positive change methods speed up the change itself. When people feel good about the change, they are far more willing to be part of it, rather than resist it.

Over my last 23 years of guiding change, the following principles have emerged as critical to creating positive change.

8 Positive Change Principles

  1. Take the time to make goals clear and simple.
  2. The easier it is to contribute, the more people do it.
  3. Make starting steps for each person doable and clear.
  4. Make sure people feel confident enough in their role in the change process.
  5. Frame goals, directions and other communication positively. Think what to do, instead of what not to do.
  6. Steady guidance at a strategic level keeps people on track and confident in success. Approve steps along the way, rather than the whole thing at the end.
  7. Make questions specific, positive and generative. This helps people immediately think of solutions.
  8. Keep focused on your top priority goal. Ensure that you’ve applied all the resources you need to get to this top goal!

Be at the first Culture-Con on Tuesday, January 31 — an event that not only asks the question about what makes a great corporate culture, but facilitates discussion on how to implement these best practices into your own unique work environment. It will feature a keynote address from Donavon Roberson, Director of Service Innovations at OOBE and formerly Culture Evangelist at Zappos, in addition to other speakers, breakout sessions and more. Get more information and reserve your spot now.

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