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Trade Show 2.0: The Cult Of The Now

I alluded to this in my post about Twitter a few months ago, but it’s worth repeating. The trade show game has changed big time.

The abstract and obscure has become tangible and sexy. It’s no longer about being slick and corporate, it’s about being viral and different. At the end of the day, it’s just about being relevant and real. Sounds simple, right? There is also genuine value in being a little rough and edgy, so Dyn has dove in with both feet. Our company is continuously proving that individual relationships are what drive new business.

For whatever reason, DNS tends to be the forgotten technology but by visualizing it on DynViz, we’ve been able to drive traffic to our booth and make other exhibitors ask themselves, “Why didn’t we think of that?” This echoing theme holds true for all of our efforts.

Now the technology exists to do live videocasting from the booth so that people not attending the show can feel like they’re here. It’s the cult of the now, not the “We think this might resonate later” approach. Real-time interest and interaction is the theme of the show for us and couldn’t be more evident than the views on our DynCam and our new followers on Twitter. We’re even seeing others talking about us and how ridiculously open and honest we are.

Some other ways:

  • Twitter has introduced a gateway for folks to follow our activity, regardless of whether they’re with us at the show or not. To be frank, our goal has been to OWN the Interop hashtag and we’re not doing half bad at achieving that goal.
  • Our YouTube is non-stop action. Tune in.
  • Our DynTinis created a buzz unlike any other. Over 100 of our closest Interop friends joined us for cocktails at the House of Blues and the phrase, “Just order a DynTini!” rang true. Not bad for a company that not too many people had heard of before they arrived in Las Vegas.
  • Our schwag is not normal and we like it that way. We have Dyn koozies, Dyn bottle openers and the previously mentioned DynTini vouchers. The drinking theme is simply a social theme put in place to ensure people realize how approachable and transparent we are. We work the booth like real people who love what they do and what the company is all about. We’ve all bought in and the Kool-Aid is flowing.
  • The Foundation Room (House of Blues member only club) access is pretty great too. There is something to be said for bringing potential partners and clients to a place they couldn’t get in otherwise. What we continue to learn is that it is all about access. Heck, we even scored free tickets for some new friends to see a Ben Folds show.

The trade show game is forever changed and we’re confident that in the future, we’ll see even more companies being dynamic and everywhere like Dyn has been in 2009. Tell us what you think!

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Kyle York
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Kyle York is GM & VP, Product Strategy, and has been a long-time executive, having joined in 2008. Over the years, he has held go-to-market leadership roles in worldwide sales, marketing, and services. In his current role, Kyle focuses on overall corporate strategy, including: positioning and evangelism, new market entry, strategic alliances and partnerships, M&A, and business development. Outside of Oracle Dyn, Kyle is an angel investor, entrepreneur, and advisor in several startups.

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