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Creating a Scalable & Sustainable Email Solution

Customized, customer-focused content is already a goal for many organizations, but it’s sometimes hard to wrap our minds around this with a legacy technology like email. With social media, it became incredibly easy to interact directly with customers and prospects. Email gets left in the dust as we stay set in our old ways on old technology. And as always, the gap between technologists and marketers isn’t easy to bridge.

There’s more crossover between traditional marketers and techies than ever before, as our own Kristi Mason blogged recently. This has ramifications across all parts of modern businesses, so it’s important to understand what’s changed in the email landscape.

What’s Changed?

email-marketingOld school “batch-and-blast” or “spray-and-pray” methods aren’t effective anymore for some obvious reasons (social media, customization, etc.) as well as some email-specific reasons:

  • ISPs/mailbox providers filter based on reputation more than content,
  • reputation includes engagement rates, and
  • your customers expect personalized, custom content, making it more difficult to get those coveted opens and clicks.

How Do You Create a Scalable, Sustainable Email Solution?

It takes the right strategies and tactics on the right technology. Fortunately for you we recently gave a webinar with our new email intelligence partner,, on this very topic!

Dyn’s own Email Product Manager, James Deloid, and Cordial’s Co-founder and Product Leader, Chris McGreal, cover 5 Tips for a Sustainable & Scalable Email Solution:

  1. Create requirements with a focus on the customer
  2. The right tools to execute and scale
  3. Consider a cloud based “front end”
  4. How to evaluate and optimize deliverability
  5. Why monitoring is the key to ROI: demystifying the ISP landscape

Check it out on demand on the content hub and feel free to shoot any follow-up questions to

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