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‘Coopertition’ In The DNS Industry: About DNS Inside Baseball 2012

“Coopertition” is a phrase coined by our Manchester, NH, friends running FIRST — the world renowned student robotics competition designed to inspire students in our schools today to become the future engineers of our world tomorrow.

Taken directly from the FIRST website, coopertition is “…displaying unqualified kindness and respect in the face of fierce competition.” Not too distant from the concept of FIRST is Dyn and DNS Inside Baseball, an annual meetup of key operators of the DNS infrastructure, DNS protocol designers and visionaries of the Internet.

Since 2010, Dyn has been organizing this event as an opportunity to get the technology folks from the DNS industry together to talk about current events, opportunities and threats to the DNS. This year, we were graciously hosted by members of Comcast’s National Technical Engineering and Operations Team at the Comcast Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Inside Baseball 2012
F5, TZO, Comcast & Dyn at DNS Inside Baseball

Per usual, we brought together the world’s best and brightest minds from root nameserver operators, TLD operations, managed DNS infrastructure operators and DNS protocol engineers together for a one day summit, concluded by (what else) a minor league baseball game at Cambell’s Field in Camden, NJ (8-0, Somerset Patriots to Camden Riversharks) per our tradition.

We were pretty excited to even have the father of DNS, Paul Mockapetris, join us.

Topics covered included the continued deployment of DNSSEC, the need to update the DNS API in modern operating system, best practices around the treatment of the root zone, current threats affecting the stability of DNS services, the transition to IPv6 and the opportunities and threats presented as the root expands through ICANN’s new GTLD program.

Working teams documented the perspective on each topic and posted the information to a mailing list specifically designed to bring the DNS operations community closer.

We got to put faces to names of many people we consider dear friends and trusted allies, many of whom we only know through an email address, IRC nickname or Twitter handle.

“Wow, you really helped me out. Let me buy you a beer.”

One might say,“You’re all competitors. Why would you ever work together?!!!” The reality is that without coordination and cooperation of many of the competitors in the DNS space, the Internet would simply cease to work. The Internet has become a foundation of ecommerce, communication and human development throughout the world – it must work, and for it to work, it requires the DNS.

There is no one DNS operator in the world that can run all of the DNS – its through constant coopertition that we keep the DNS running smoothly. We’re already looking forward to talking about what we accomplished and what’s next at the 2013 event in either Seattle or Virginia.

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