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Cooking With Kevin: Stories From Dyn’s Corporate Chef

Hello Dyn Nation! I wanted to introduce myself as I’m Dyn’s new corporate chef. I am excited to be a part of the team and to be able to bring a new aspect to our culture with my food and culinary background.

I am sure most of you are wondering how a professional chef comes to a technology company. Really, it is the same reason many of work here or any company: opportunity.

I am trained within all aspects of food.

I have worked in every type of restaurant and with all types of cuisines, including four star resorts, country clubs and trendy cuisines. Recently, I was the Executive Chef for XO on Elm in Manchester, which I helped design and open. I was educated at The Culinary Institute of America and trained in Switzerland under one of Europe’s top chefs. I have extensive knowledge on healthy styles of cuisines, gluten free and vegan foods, as well as baking and pastry.

I have done basically every job in the cooking field, have worked under extreme circumstances and unusual situations and have performed the impossible too many times to count. Being a professional chef is an amazing career and one I am thankful that I have chosen.

But truthfully, it comes with a lot of sacrifice: 70 to 80 hour work weeks, physically demanding situations, working when you’re sick or hurt no matter what. In fact, I haven’t had an actual day off (besides Sundays) in almost two years.

As a chef, you work every holiday and miss most of your family events (unless they’re held at your restaurant) and it’s almost impossible to enjoy a balanced quality of life or live a healthy lifestyle.Dyn Cafe

I have always wanted to find a place where I could give my heart and soul, but still have somewhat of a normal life.

So when Jeremy Hitchock approached me about an idea they had for a personal corporate chef for their employees, I was intrigued. It amazed me that a company in this day and age was so focused on their culture and their employees. It made me realize that I could focus my background and experiences on one company and still have a life at the end of the day.

I have always loved teaching people about food, giving out my knowledge and just making people smile. I am grateful to have this kind of opportunity and to be a part of a company like Dyn.

I have to be honest that I felt like a fish out of water coming to a technology company, seeing as I’m not too tech savvy and still type with one finger. It is strange for me to show up everyday and not have a kitchen to cook in or to sit at a desk in front of a computer. I’m not the type of person who can sit still very long. I am used to doing 50 things at once.

Although Dyn has made me feel welcome from the start and the enthusiasm from everyone on this project has been great, I can’t wait to make everyone here feel at home in the our upcoming employee café and the kitchen there. I hope everyone feels like it’s a live version of the Food Network and is able to get so much from it and out of it.

My goal at Dyn is to be able to offer a more personalized dining experience for all, with the type of quality you see in a fine dining restaurant. 

I also would like to be able to offer some type of forum where any question can be asked on cooking, from recipes to cooking ideas and methods. Eventually, I would like to be able to offer free cooking classes for employees and personalized catering for employee personal events and specialized meals and food benefits to the employees of the month.

Does your company have its own cafe? If so, what do you like and not like?

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