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Friend Of Dyn: Scripted Is Writing A New Chapter In Content Creation

Content is king and a new company is making a play for the throne.

In every field, communication plays an important role, dictating whether a business or institution succeeds or fails in attracting clients and supporters. Coming up with your product or service is one matter but selling that product, and in addition, selling your brand, is another matter entirely. You can have the most groundbreaking, mind-blowing gizmo ever manufactured but if you can’t sell it, it might as well be an inferior mousetrap.

Enter Scripted, a referral partner of Dyn. A company that hires and employs freelance writers, Scripted offers to do all the writing a company fears it cannot.

“Sometimes marketing managers have more ideas than time to write them,” said Ryan Buckley, the company’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. “We’re not here to replace those marketing managers. We just supplement them and their strategy so that they can do more editing than creation.”

Based in San Francisco, CA, Scripted originally began as a tool for budding screenwriters. Then called Scripped, the company offered a free online screenwriting application used by over 80,000 writers. Scripped would enter the pieces written by their clients’ work into contests run by Hollywood personalities in order to help potential writers get off the ground in the business.

When the company eventually changed direction (and name) in January of 2011, the best of those former clients were invited to sign on as freelance writers for Scripted.scripted

As the company grew, it brought aboard new writers, all of whom would be carefully vetted to ensure the quality of their output. Each Scripted scribe is required to be peer reviewed and specialized, so that no company is forced to explain the basics of its product or mission to someone with no experience in the field. In this way, Scripted promises clients posts tailored to their field, not banal or general or broad and dull-edged.

As far as the transition from the world of entertainment to the world of business, the Scripted team seems to think it has been a successful one.

“We enjoy this much more,” Buckley said. “There are a lot of entrenched politics and inefficiencies in the marketplace of Hollywood. We’d much rather be working with excited companies looking to push the envelope. And from what we’ve seen, our writers are much more engaged and enthusiastic now that we’ve made that shift.”

Dyn, a company that sends millions of emails a day, appreciates good content, especially in email.

“Content is key when helping customers get the most of their email programs,” said Mike Veilleux, Dyn’s Director of Email. “As email deliverability has become heavily weighted on user engagement, the importance of creating highly relevant and valuable email content has become the key to keeping recipients opening, reading and clicking through your emails. Having access to a database of writers who can help you continuously generate and improve on content for your customers will enable your company to stand apart from those unwilling to invest the resources into staying fresh.”

Obviously, this is only the beginning for Scripted. With a host of high-level clients such as Charge Smart and Author Solutions, the company is certainly on the rise with a great deal of places to go and a large part of their story left to play out. And let’s face it, if there were any company to trust in writing a good story, it would be these guys.

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