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Complete DNS Control Through Dynect Via Desktop/Web App

And it’s easy too!

Coming from a decidedly Windows based background I’ve noticed that the vast majority of open source code developers create and post tends to be centered around one of the Linux/UNIX based OS’s. I don’t know if this is completely true but that’s what it feels like when I am looking for a reusable component to make my life easier.

Microsoft does a great job with their online documentation over on the MSDN site (hang on while I duck flying objects coming from my Linux based compadres for complimenting Microsoft), but sometimes bridging the gap between the seemingly simple thing I want to do, like call out to a web API as I would to do a Math.Round, seems incredibly convoluted, especially if I am trying to mix several project types in the same solution.

I thought about this recently while I was doing a project where I wanted to access the simple Dynect SOAP API from a desktop app with a secondary web-based client. As I was fumbling around with the security warnings while adding the WSDL, it occurred to me that it would be really nice if I just wrapped this whole sucker in a project of its own that would output a DLL (Dynamic Link Library), which could be a simple include (through the “Add Reference” | “Browse” section of any .NET project ) and save other developers several hours and some frustration.

I wrote it in C# but once compiled it can be used in any .NET language thanks to Microsoft’s pretty cool Common Language Infrastructure (ducking again…). I also included a sample console project in both C# and VB.NET to show the most basic functionality (adding an A record and publishing it).

Using this DLL it is now trivial to access the Dynect functionality and should make it even quicker and more hassle free to add control of your entire DNS right in your own .NET web portal or your homegrown desktop application or, well, any UI which allows for plugins written in .NET… like maybe IE (ducking and running).

Download it and give it a try yourself:

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