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5 (More) Great Clients To Distract You From Doing Actual Work

It took me two years to follow up from 5 Great Dyn Clients To Distract You From Doing Actual Work, but that’s because I got so distracted hanging on these sites. With true grit and determination, I managed to finally muster up the discipline to give you the 2013 edition featuring some of our customers that help us love coming to work every day while somehow preventing us from getting it done.

(If you’re a boss reading this, please don’t take it out on your employees when you see these sites on their monitors at work!)



Everyone reading this probably knows about the crowd source platform Kickstarter, but for every McDonald’s, there is a Burger King. Workday boredom, meet Dyn’s friend Indiegogo.

Indiegogo is the second biggest crowdsourcing platform on the internet, and what makes them particularly distracting is the fact projects that are posted still get funded even if they don’t hit their goals. These guys are changing the world, and rolling through different projects is the perfect inspirational distraction from getting real work done.

One of their most successful campaigns involved a redditor, Max Sidorov, using the platform to try and raise funds for a $5000 vacation for an elderly woman school bus monitor who was bullied by a bunch of snotnose kids on a ride home from school.  As of February 25 of this year, they’ve raised over $700,000. Yup! That wasn’t a typo.

Note: As you roll through projects, say this out loud when your desk neighbors asks what that sound is: “I’m not crying…you’re crying.”


Let’s put you in an every day scenario: you just recorded the most incredible video impression of your boss at work, and it’s perfect. It’s just the kind of video you’ve needed to get the guy who never talks in the office to finally LOL. However, if you put it on a public place like YouTube and your boss sees it, they’ll become self-aware of their mannerisms, and change.

WeTransfer can help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Their platform allows you send large files over email to anyone. With great email delivery (I wonder who does their transactional email, hmm?), hands-on customer support, and the prettiest interface of ads on the web, they are the perfect free service to send files not just for fun, but for business as well.

Note: Their pro accounts allow you to customize their appearance and are perfect for your business. Here’s mine.

This Is Why I’m Broke


I remember the first time our team found this website, and leaving this site is easily one of the most difficult accomplishments of my daily life. These guys accumulate the coolest items on the web and put it all in one place. Whether it’s a water jet pack, coffee table aquariums, or a light saber umbrella, you need to check these guys out.

WARNING: Don’t go to this site unless you have money to spend. It’ll break your heart not to buy anything.


Have you ever wanted to watch a clip from your favorite actor, movie, or genre, and find it too difficult to find on YouTube?  Or maybe you’re like me and you have an unhealthy obsession with the greatest actor of our generation: Bill Paxton.

MovieClips will clip away your chances of finishing your projects before their deadlines. It literally just took 15 minutes out of my day watching Wayne’s World clips.

Editor’s note:  MovieClips didn’t pay us to be featured in this blog. We will not bow to any sponsors. However, this is the second shoutout we’ve given them in our blog, which we didn’t plan for. Seriously!



Few things are more distracting than thinking about running out of work and driving off into the sunset. With TrueCar, they’ll help you save money getting your dream car. Have you ever been tired of dealing with car dealers asking for too much money? Do they try and throw gimmicks in there and pretend you’re actually getting a deal?

TrueCar collects average prices and gives you the ammunition you need to fight for when securing the best price. It also doesn’t hurt to go through different cars and find one that fits your budget.

Side Note: If you are reading this blog post, and realizing that your company blocks websites, isn’t challenging you enough, or no one’s given you a high five in a while, maybe you should check out the jobs we have here at Dyn. Help us find my next five websites to distract people!

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