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My First Time: Celebrating The Mac At 30

mac128k3201Thirty years ago today on January 24th, 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh and the world was forever changed.

Being a company of mostly Mac users, we felt it was only fitting to recall the first time Dyners got to experience a Mac.

Here are their stories.

A lot of folks actually got their start on the Mac’s predecessor, the Apple II series. Oh, the flood of memories of Oregon Trail and LOGO consumed my inbox!


“It was my first day at the Ski Maine Association, and I was introduced to a Mac with two diskette drives.  I needed to write a pre-season press release, and had heard so much about how Mac was going to change the world. My typing skills were dicey, so I keyed the entire press release in CAPS.

I assumed there was a magic drop down to translate CAPS to Upper/Lower based on punctuation and common names.  I retyped the whole doc again. I also remember backing up the internal drive on a HUGE stack of diskettes  — held together with a rubber band and labeled BU 1, BU 2, etc.”

Jane Buck – Director of Customer Acquisition

“My first experience with using Apple/Mac was back in the Performa 5200 days (I hated them until then). Before then, I was accustomed to using IBM/IBM compatibles and had experience using Commodores, which I loved. What amazed me was the general lack of a learning curve needed to come up to speed in MacOS.  Since the PC, I was using (AST 4066d) went on the fritz, and had to do my work on the next computer I could get my hands on – the 5200.  In less time that it would take me to deal with the Windows 3.1 world of hurt I normally would go through, I was able to get my assignments out on time with joyous ease.”

Victor KuarsinghDirector of Network Engineering

“My mother had started work at PC Connection in Marlow, NH, around 1992. One of the perks as an employee is she had lc_with_monsignificant discounts on software and hardware. This resulted in our first true computer: an Apple Macintosh LC II with 4MB of RAM and a 40MB hard drive. We later upgraded to 8MB of RAM and a 2x CD-ROM drive.

Everything from computer games to tracking my baseball card collection to writing school reports with Microsoft Word and Encarta was done on this computer. I was totally mesmerized by the interface and how easy it was to use.

Most importantly, this was the computer that triggered my knack for troubleshooting and solving problems. As a 10 year old, I rapidly became the household expert on how to use the computer. My grandparents soon bought their own Mac, which I would soon would support as well. Soon everyone at school was asking me about how to use computers. All of this eventually lead to a career in IT and my eventual customer support position at Dyn.”

Chris GonyeaProduct Manager, Traffic Management

“I was watching the 1984 Super Bowl with my family when the iconic Apple commercial played. It made me want to go into advertising. I first used a Mac 11 years later in 1995 when I got my first job in tech. I was provided a PowerBook 550, and loved it. It was a marvel of portable computing at the time. Happy 30th!”

Brian BradyDirector of Business Development

happy-computer-iconhappy-mac-icon---susan-kare---susan-kares-early-mac-icons-gave-bkpooefv“The first time I used a Mac was the fall of 1989. It was 2nd grade for me, and our town had just built a brand new elementary school. In every classroom, there was a single Macintosh SE FDHD (or SuperDrive as they were called). These shiny little platinum grey boxes were unlike anything I had used up to this point. My family had a Commodore VIC-20 and a PC-XT clone at home, so the command line interface was all I knew. We had to rotate through the class to use the Mac, sharing it among 20 kids and a teacher.

When it finally came to be my turn, I remember sitting down in front of it and hitting that power switch for the first time. *DING*, smiling little Mac and the words “Welcome to Macintosh” appearing in a dialog box. After that, there was no turning back for me – I became obsessed with everything Mac. By the time I hit 5th grade, I was essentially the school’s tech support guy, and had teachers from other grades plucking me out of class randomly to fix the stuff that other kids had done!

My first Mac at home was a Performa 405 (repackaged LC II) , bought it in the fall of 1993 after attending MacWorld ’93 with my mom down in Boston. This computer brought the Internet into our home, inspired me to learn how to code in earnest, and got me though high school. Life would not have been the same for me had the Mac never come to be.”

Carl LevineTechnical Evangelist to Startups

“I remember playing Number Munchers and Oregon Trail on an Macintosh LC in the early years of my primary education, but that was archaic even then. In the next year or so we upgraded to G3s with their iconic translucent colored plastic casing and awful matching hockey puck-shaped mouse. Those things were so awesome, especially with the new (to us at least) CD input and vastly improved screen quality. My high score remained undefeated for a month!”

Alex BeaulieuPublic Relations

“Long time Windows user. When my sister got a Mac in 1993, I was granted a solid, “Get out of technical support questions” card. My first Mac was a year ago when I got hired here. Boring story.”

Matthew SheppardSenior Software Engineer

Suffice it to say, the work of a rogue team inside Apple in the early 1980s went on to create a revolution in how we work, communicate, and play today. As we work to run the Internet, we here at Dyn never forget where this all started and hope that these past 30 years of Macintosh have inspired you to do great things as well.

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