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Catchpoint Systems: Performance Monitoring Industry Welcomes New Player

Gomez, Keynote, Alertsite, Webmetrics… Watch Your Backs

Many Dynect Platform clients use 3rd party performance monitoring services to keep an eye on their Web systems. We ourselves have used industry players like Gomez, Keynote, Alertsite and WebMetrics to watch our back-end and enable our advanced failover and geographic load balancing features. We’ve recently signed on with a new provider Tom Daly (our CTO) and his team have been testing and providing feedback for web performance monitoring provider Catchpoint Systems, and thought you may be interested in checking them out for yourselves. We have lots of tricks up our sleeves with Catchpoint and are super excited about the relationship, their dashboard reporting and DNS-specific metrics.

Why are we supporting them and posting this blog? A few reasons. Catchpoint is a loyal Dynect Platform client (have been for over a year) and are an enterprise partner company. I’m also honored to announce that I was recently added to the Catchpoint Board of Advisors, to advise them on their overall messaging and market positioning as they look to disrupt the status quo in their space. It’s a complimentary service that we know you could use and we respect the company and technology that Mehdi Daoudi and his team are building. Check out this great video with Tom and Mehdi at the Velocity Conference in June:

One thing I’ve learned about our customers is that they like to work with companies that are similar to them. We’re no different. We would be happy to do a soft intro for you to kick the tires (I’m at or feel free to email Mehdi directly ( Please let us know if you have any questions or interest.

*DISCLAIMER: Neustar, our largest competitor for premium Anycast DNS with UltraDNS, also owns WebMetrics, so needless to say, we’d love to send business elsewhere. Not like we’re competitive or anything.

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