If The Infrastructure Doesn’t Fit, Scale Up!

Zappos | zappos.com | HQ: Las Vegas, Nevada| Founded In 1999| Industry: eCommerce

Established in 1999, Zappos.com is the leading destination for online apparel and footwear. Zappos uses technology to make the customer experience easy and hassle-free, and has spent an impressive amount of time to deliver enormous selection and convenience in an easy-to-use online package.

“I’ve seen the company grow from about 20 people to over 1,500 employees today,” says Kris Ongbongan, Director of Technical Operations. “We did approximately $2 million in sales in 2000 and scaled to over $1 billion dollars by 2008.”

The Challenge – Scaling From Startup to Explosive Growth

As Zappos grew, the need to ensure the availability, speed, and performance of their infrastructure assets of their website became critically important.

“Internet performance has a direct impact on sales,” Ongbongan notes. “At our size, if a delay or outage causes us to lose even a small percentage of our sales, that’s a gigantic hit.”

“Managing risk is also critical,” Ongbongan goes on. “Ensuring that your web property is highly available through solutions such as Managed DNS should be included as part of any disaster preparedness planning.”

The Solution – Ensuring Scale with an Internet Performance Approach

Dyn is the standard for solutions in monitoring, controlling, and optimizing online infrastructure so that businesses can deliver exceptional end-user experiences and maximum Internet Performance. Dyn’s Internet Performance approach provides an effective way for businesses to optimize the availability, security, and speed of their Internet traffic, achieve cost efficiencies, and maximize revenue.

The Results – Reliability, Scalability & Disaster Avoidance

“Zappos realized we were going to need a team of solution providers to help us scale quickly and ensure availability,” says Kris Ongbongan. “Having a leader in Internet Performance like Dyn helps ensure that we’re delivering optimal value for visitors to Zappos.com.”

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