Silence Is No Option For An Audio Platform

SoundCloud | | HQ: Berlin| Founded In 2007| Industry: Audio Platform

SoundCloud is the leading audio platform that gives users unprecedented access to the world’s largest community of music & audio creators.

Every month over 175 million unique listeners across the globe listen to audio on SoundCloud. Every minute, 12 hours of new content is posted to the platform.

Poor DNS performance can lead to slow page loads, poor first impressions, and lost revenue opportunities. That’s why SoundCloud relies on Dyn’s managed DNS service to optimize the availability and performance of its DNS infrastructure.

“DNS reliability is paramount,” says Jake Maizel, Director, Systems, Data and Traffic Engineering for SoundCloud. “DNS is the doorway to our service. If DNS is unavailable, users can’t access our site – it is as simple as that. Dyn has delivered 100% DNS uptime since day one.”

Dyn Helps SoundCloud Achieve Global Scalability

Dyn’s advanced traffic management features help SoundCloud boost application performance and simplify operations. “We operate multiple geographically distributed data centers” says Maizel. “With Dyn we can direct traffic across sites to balance performance, pilot new features, or stage infrastructure upgrades.”

Dyn’s worldwide service helps SoundCloud achieve global scalability and reliability. The fully redundant DNS network spans 18 data centers across five continents. By situating DNS servers closer to visitors, Dyn accelerates DNS resolution, ensuring superior user experiences around the world. The solution has helped SoundCloud successfully scale its business across the globe to become the world’s leading social sound platform.

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SoundCloud uses our Managed DNS with traffic steering capabilities. To learn more, check out our products section!

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