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Seeking Alpha | | HQ: Ra'anana, Israel| Founded In 2004| Industry: Media

With 2.5 million subscribers and over 200 million real-time email alerts sent monthly, ensuring email is making its way into customers’ inboxes is critical for this investment research company. Seeking Alpha turned to Dyn Email Delivery and Reputation Management services to ensure their subscribers were getting emails quickly and reliably.

Seeking Alpha’s Challenge

One of Seeking Alpha’s most successful offerings is real-time email alerts. Over 2.5 million users subscribe to the service for notifications on subjects they want to track.

“Fast and reliable email delivery is crucial to us,” notes Asi Segal, Seeking Alpha CTO and VP, R&D. “Dyn makes sure that our alerts reach subscribers who want that content and doesn’t end up in their spam folder.”

Dyn’s Solution: Email Delivery & Reputation Management

Landing email in your recipient’s inbox can be challenging. Dyn’s delivery platform provides a solid foundation to ensure the highest inbox success rate for your email. Reputation Management is a consultative service uniquely customized for Dyn Email Delivery customers.

  • Proactive Sender Reputation Monitoring
  • Customized Reputation Management Plan
  • Remediation With Receiver Networks
  • Delivery Optimization

Results: Partnering with Dyn for Inbox Success

“With email delivery being strategically important for Seeking Alpha, we needed more than a service provider,” says Seeking Alpha’s DevOps team leader Antony Gelberg. “We needed a partner who was as focused on our success as we are. We found that partner in Dyn’s Steve Wheeler and the Dyn email delivery and reputation management teams. We think of Steve as part of the Seeking Alpha team, not just as the Dyn person focused on reputation management, but as part of our technical team, and, in fact, part of the team involved in building new products for Seeking Alpha.”

“We consult with Steve on all technical and product-based decisions concerned with email,” Asi Segal agrees, “which should give an indication of how highly we value Dyn’s email delivery services. We set high standards on what we do, and Steve and Dyn absolutely fit into those standards.”

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