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As with many global institutions, needs to identify which cloud provider is the best to serve specific regions in order to deliver consistently high performance to its worldwide online audience. Senior System Ninja Justin Rupp wanted a reliable solution to collect cloud data. Internet Intelligence from Dyn was the answer.

Challenges: Reaching Online Markets Faster and Better

“Reaching more global customers and delivering a faster experience means getting closer to them,” notes Justin Rupp. “Identifying which cloud provider is going to be the best to serve a specific market is a priority for us.”

Dyn’s Solution: Internet Intelligence

Internet Intelligence monitors the availability, reachability, and performance of your Internet infrastructure to verify it’s working at peak efficiencies for you and your customers, and to let you plan market expansion anywhere in the world based on vendor performance.

  • Determine if your Internet assets are meeting your performance expectations
  • Receive real-time alerts when cloud, CDNs, or data centers are no longer available, when markets are unreachable, and when performance is not meeting expectations
  • Pair with your Traffic Management solution to implement needed changes

Results: Identifying the Best Cloud Provider for Regional Customers

Internet Intelligence is able to drill down into specific markets, evaluate different cloud providers and get a ranking of their performance, reachability and availability to see which is the best fit for GlobalGiving’s needs.

“For example, I’m able to go into the ‘Performance’ tab, put ‘Kenya’ into the market search, select different cloud providers, and get a ranking of all,” Rupp explains. “Looking at Amazon Web Services, Dublin is shown by Internet Intelligence to be consistently faster than Frankfurt, giving us a clear choice.”

“I’m also able to track performance going forward,” Rupp said. I can have different cloud locations on the Internet Intelligence dashboard, get an alert if one starts performing badly, and switch our traffic over to the other when Internet Intelligence reports the issue. Ongoing measurements means we’re delivering consistent performance.”

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