Evernote Streamlines Cloud Migration With Traffic Director

Evernote | evernote.com | HQ: Redwood City, California| Founded In 2007| Industry: SaaS

Evernote lets individuals and teams capture, nurture, and share ideas in any form. The Evernote app is available across platforms on desktop, mobile, or on the web, so ideas are always accessible and always in sync. The California-based company is the world’s leading repository of unstructured data and serves over 200 million users and 20,000 business customers across the globe.

Dyn Traffic Director Ensures Smooth Cloud Transition

Like many enterprises and SaaS providers, Evernote planned to move its compute and storage infrastructure to the cloud to accelerate the pace of innovation. A long time Dyn Managed DNS customer, the SaaS provider took advantage of Dyn’s advanced traffic management capabilities to ensure a graceful transition to Google Cloud Platform. With Dyn Traffic Director, user traffic can be distributed across endpoints or directed to specific targets based on administratively defined policies. Evernote used the advanced traffic management capabilities to gradually move traffic from its on-premises data center to Google Cloud Platform in a controlled fashion.

“Dyn Traffic Director helped us reduce risk and uncertainty as we migrated to the cloud,” recalls Jermaine Revita, Network Architect for Evernote. “We used the ratio load balancing capabilities to transition in phases. We started by directing a small percentage of traffic to Google, and then ramped up production incrementally as we made adjustments and gained confidence in the new cloud infrastructure.” Traffic Director’s geolocation load balancing capabilities help Evernote simplify troubleshooting and improve customer satisfaction. “With Dyn we can create regional traffic pools to isolate and resolve network performance issues,” explains Revita. “The solution helps us deliver consistent user experiences across geographies.”

Thanks to Dyn, Evernote moved its core applications to Google Cloud Platform without disrupting service, impairing application performance, or compromising customer satisfaction.

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