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Etsy | etsy.com | HQ: Brooklyn, NY| Founded In 2005| Industry: Ecommerce

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Etsy has revolutionized the world of independent creative businesses. The ecommerce site that launched in 2005 has long been called the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace. It allows members to buy and sell handmade or vintage items, and supplies.

With over 30 million members, 1 million active shops, 60 million unique visitors, over $895 million in annual sales and 200 countries with annual transactions, they’re doing a lot of business to say the least.

With so many users, uninterrupted uptime became a central concern for the team at Etsy. For some time, the company used a mix of in-house and managed DNS providers, but this wasn’t the ideal situation for a company undergoing their meteoric rise. In 2010, they decided to switch their DNS provider, moving to Managed DNS services From Dyn.

The Dyn Difference

For a company like Etsy, information matters, one of the reasons they try to grasp as much data as possible. Dyn Managed DNS allowed them to do just that.

“Dyn provided technical advantages,” Etsy VP of technical operations Mike Rembetsy said. “They also offer a true anycast network, which other companies might say they do but do not.”

Besides the increased response time and decreased latency, Rembetsy genuinely appreciated Dyn’s openness and additional protection, adding that it was helpful that Dyn provides system updates in various methods. This allowed Rembetsy’s team to relay this information onto their customers. That level of transparency is a huge part of the Etsy culture and he was pleased that it was also valued by Dyn.

This relationship extended beyond a signed agreement as Rembetsy said he enjoys socializing with Dyn personnel at industry conferences. That friendliness is also echoed in Dyn’s approach to customer service.

“They’re really easy to reach if needed,” Rembetsy said.


Rembetsy said before making the switch to Dyn, Etsy used to experience DNS issues more consistently than they were comfortable with. Since the change, issues are a rarity. He has also seen an increase in reliability, as well as non-cached hits being answered quicker.

“These days, it’s nearly impossible to find someone that hasn’t heard of Etsy,” said Kyle York, GM Dyn, VP, Business & Product Strategy. “We love the brand and what they’re doing to be a leader in their space. They are an amazing company and we are honored that they trust us with their reputation. It is a trust we don’t take lightly.”

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