Customer Impacting Network Issues

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To keep customers safe, Distil Networks needs insight into the key peering
relationships and providers their customers use. Dyn’s Internet intelligence solution provides them with the critical insight they need, saving time and resources.


“We didn’t have good visibility into the peering relationships we have with some of our providers and no way to determine the health of the links between us and those providers,” notes Distil Networks CTO and Co-Founder Engin Akyol. “This was especially a problem with some of the upstream providers and some of the interconnects they have with Tier 1s and 2s around the world.”

Dyn Solution: Internet Intelligence

Dyn’s Internet Intelligence solution pinpoints the exact location of external network issues, allowing Distil to mitigate situations before they become larger problems. Internet Intelligence monitors the availability, reachability, and performance of your Internet infrastructure to verify it’s working at peak efficiencies for you, your customers, and your partners.

Results: Insight into Network Issues Never Possible Before

“We were able to use Internet Intelligence to pinpoint an issue one of our United Kingdom customers was having,” says Akyol. “The problem turned out to be a link that was over-utilized on British Telecom edge routers, which was not one of our providers. Without Internet Intelligence, we wouldn’t have had visibility into the problematic BT link. Internet Intelligence helped close the loop on an investigation that otherwise could have taken months.”

“Internet Intelligence has dramatically cut down on the amount of support that we’ve had to provide to the customer. It’s also brought an account from a critical relationship down to a much more manageable level.”

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