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It became clear to that DNS was an area where improvements could be made to improve site performance, page load times, and overall visitor experience. Managed DNS services from Dyn was the solution they chose.


“One of the things we learned when we started exploring performance improvements was that our traffic had changed significantly over time, with more and more global visitors coming to,” said Matt Landolf, Director of Operations for

“A typical DNS request from North America including the global load balancing CNAME record was around 300 milliseconds,” Landolf continued. “The Oceania and Asia DNS requests were closer to 800 milliseconds – a significant difference in the visitor experience.”

Landolf also saw an opportunity with an Anycast network. “If we had a DNS request from New York to, that was just as likely to hit our San Jose data center as it was to hit our New York data center even though the request was coming from New York. With Anycast, the New York request would go to the New York data center.”

Dyn Solution: Managed DNS

Managed DNS services from Dyn delivers the performance your customers expect, regardless of their location.

  • Dyn’s global anycast network has over 18 points of presence (PoPs) globally,
    assuring high site availability, speed, DNS DDoS security and infrastructure cost effeciences for a better end user experience
  • Dyn backs its Managed DNS solution with unparalleled DNS domain expertise, extreme system scalability and a focus on customer support

Results: Performance Improvements in DNS Lookups

“DNS is something so entrenched in your Internet infrastructure that you really are deeply relying on and trusting a DNS provider,” said Matt Landolf. “We chose Dyn because of its track record of reliability. And we’ve seen nothing but improvements in DNS lookups since we began using Dyn.”

“We integrated the Dyn API relatively easily, which allows us to publish a new site quickly within the existing infrastructure,” he continued. “The level of support we get from Dyn has also been exceptional. The ability to talk to an engineer immediately who can solve your problem without having to be routed through various levels of support is very important to us.”

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