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Case Study: How Suyara Improved Connection Requests By 80%


It’s always great to hear feedback from clients, but to have a client offer to talk to our audience about why and how they use our products? How could I say no to that offer?

Allow me to introduce Matia Zanella, the founder and CEO of Suyara™, a company that “offers for both personal and business use, a robust platform to securely upload, backup your data and collaborate sharing files at blazing speed.” Sounds like a company we love to work with.

Suyara™ currently uses Dyn Managed DNS Express, our tiered traffic management platform, and has been seeing great results. Matia and I exchanged some emails recently about what he likes about the product and how it has helped grow his business. Perhaps your business can learn a thing or two and try for yourself!

What issues did you have before coming to Dyn?

Good question. When you plan to design, develop and distribute a platform like Suyara™, you know that from the beginning, you need a rock solid platform capable to handle everything from the most light to the most heavy to the most unpredictable requests coming worldwide.

I knew that developing a custom DNS infrastructure would translate into a high investment, but would take a large mount of time: time that we could instead invest in doing what we really know: reinforcing and expanding the platform. Dyn has dedicated teams for DNS and infrastructure set, so we didn’t have to build this ourselves.

Suyara Operations
Everything is great in Suyara’s Operations center.

Why did you choose that product?

Back to February 2013, when I started designing the platform architecture and before thinking about servers and network equipment, I started thinking about the simplest thing: DNS. To reach customers as quick as possible on the Internet, you need DNS. This may initially seem simple, but it’s not easy to achieve since there is an ecosystem of providers offering the same service. Also, many of them that subcontract the service to other companies that offer poor performance or inconsistent technical support.

My extensive research ended with three possible solutions: Amazon AWS Route 53, Neustar Ultra DNS and Dyn, and my final decision was between Neustar UltraDNS and Dyn, both companies with a big reputation and high DNS performance, and most important, practically the same price for the level of service I was looking at. I began analyzing the customer base of both companies and most importantly, measuring effective performance. The conclusion was immediate: Dyn! No wonder chose Dyn as DNS provider!

What benefits did you experience by using Dyn?

Using Dyn Managed DNS Express, we improved the connection requests Suyara™ users made by 80%. We have a measure of 1ms to 10ms latency worldwide over DNS, and the performance is simply legendary — equal to Dyn’s reputation.

This performance translated into a simple thing. For our customers, it was like they were executing DNS requests directly inside the data center. No one else on the market can guarantee the same performance and this is one of the reasons I chose Dyn.

What do you like the most about the product?

One is simplicity and outstanding performance. I love when a company puts passion into what they do, and especially a focus on innovating rather than selling. We put love and many passion in everything we do from design to development to deployment to marketing and more. I was searching for a similar partner with our same passion and quality, and Dyn was it.

The support is just amazing. Personally, I love sending technical tickets and receiving actual support instead of just a link to a support guide. From Dyn, I receive no less than a complete and detailed answer to any of my questions. In all my months as a Dyn customer, I had to ask for support only 3-4 times. Dyn’s SLA is more than a guarantee to me. I love Dyn and am proud to be a customer.

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