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Work At Dyn: How We Can Help Solve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Dyn Bowling
Some of our Dyners at a 2012 bowling event.

With the new year a few weeks underway, it’s time for people to set their resolutions and do their best to stick with them. More than half of all resolutions are broken within the first six months, but working at Dyn increases your chances of sticking with your resolutions by over 1000% (at least according to Ryan O’Hara anyway).

Here’s some of the common resolutions and how working here can help you stick with them.

Get a Better Job

We have received a number of awards for our great company culture. This is your better job.

Eat Healthy Food

In 2012, we opened the Dyn Cafe — the first farm-to-table certified private cafe in New Hampshire featuring the delicious reciped of Corporate Chef Kevin Donahue. We also provide free sandwiches and salads on Tuesdays and an incredible lunch once a month at our company meetings.

Get a Better Education

Dyn offers $4000 per calendar year in educational reimbursement so you can continue to learn and grow, either with individual classes or toward that degree you never thought you’d get.

Get Fit & Lose Weight

We encourage people to get fit in general, but kicked it up a few notches with our DynFit program where employees can win prizes and money for getting in shape. We also provide free gym memberships for all employees and their spouses, as well as financial assistance for those who like to run 5K races and the like.

Manage Debt & Save Money

Dyn provides 401k matching up to 4% of annual salary and also offers a financial services fair where you can meet financial planners who can help you manage your debt.

Drink Less Alcohol

One would think that with a hidden Speakeasy and kegs on tap that we wouldn’t provide opportunities for you to drink less. One would be wrong. The easiest way to drink less alcohol is to have a child. Dyn provides 100% medical coverage (including deductibles) so if you have a baby, we’ll cover the medical bills. Diapers and formula are on you… but you’ll definitely be drinking less.

Manage Stress

We have a number of toys around the office (arcade games, Nerf games, etc) for people to use when they want to destress. We also have a quiet room for those who just want to get away and free chair massages. If that’s not enough for you, take advantage of our Unlimited PTO when you need a break. Seriously…unlimited time off!

Quit Smoking

Dyn offers free smoking cessation classes for those who want to kick the habit and even offer it for free for spouse, partner or even your roommate!

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

We have blue bins around the office and cafe, so as long as you put your waste in the right place, you can win at this resolution.

Opportunities Around The World

While our main headquarters are in Manchester, NH, our EMEA office in Brighton, UK, is booming as is our office in North Sydney, Australia. We have opportunities around the world, so if you got the desire, we have a place for you.

Volunteer to Help Others

Our DynCares program allows employees the opportunity to give back to the community. We have a focus on education, technology, entrepreneurship and open source so there are plenty of opportunities to give back when you work at Dyn.

As you can see, working at Dyn helps you kick bad habits and create new ones. The only thing you need to do is apply today. We’re hiring…a lot!

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