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Burst Your Email Marketing Program’s Bubble

Bubble Bursting

Regardless of your industry, everyone gets in their own bubble. You talk with a cadence and vernacular that is familiar to you and your co-workers, you understand your internal issues more than anyone else, and when it comes to your marketing, one of your biggest challenges is how to look at things differently.

When it comes to philosophies on your email marketing program (transactional, marketing campaigns, etc.), it’s a bubble within a bubble. Every subject line seems like the right one, every call-to-action pristine, and list segmentation carved like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

But when you’re tasked with 433 other things on your to-do list before you leave for a long weekend, are you sure that campaign is all that it could be? When’s the last time you did a revision of those segments? Are you CASL compliant? And then, there’s deliverability. Ultimately, are the campaigns you worked so hard to send out going to arrive where and when you intended them to get there? If not, how can you fix it so they do?

So yeah, overseeing an email marketing program and philosophy isn’t easy. All of this, and more, is why I’m back at Dyn as part of the email Reputation Management team.

I love email and have since I got into the industry in 2007 with SendLabs, a start-up email service provider. Over four years there, I learned a little bit of everything from how to properly segment campaigns to how to pull an RSS feed for a daily send that would format properly for 13 different media outlets to learning a bit of HTML to database management. Subject lines, ‘sweet spots’, send from addresses: you name it, I’ve done it.

So when the opportunity arose to return to Dyn in a role working with our clients on how to increase their inbox proficiency, I jumped at the chance. Email all day, every day? Deliver that offer to me with one of those red priority flags, ALL CAPS, and several random emojis, please!

Think of myself and our entire Reputation Management team as bubble busters. As long as you’re sending through Dyn (and why wouldn’t you be?), you’re eligible to bring RepMan into your life. By doing so, you will make your email life easier by:

  • Getting advice on what you’re doing right, wrong, and even adequately with your marketing & transactional email, especially on the content end of things.
  • Receiving insight into your inbox placement and learning why that matters in a way that won’t require you to go back to school.
  • Having accessibility to smart people who can give advice and insight on X-headers, feedback loops, and more.
  • Us doing the heavy lifting or light lifting with as much interfacing as you need. If you require frequent interaction, occasional interaction, or barely any at all, we’ll work however you need us to work.

Distractions for today’s consumers are more frequent and bright’n’shiny than ever before, but email is still the leader in the pack for helping companies reach their end users. Regardless of what stage your email program is at, there’s never a bad time to review, assess, and adjust it.

Now, let’s go burst some bubbles.

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Whois: Josh Nason

Josh Nason is a Reputation Manager at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.