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A Defense Of The Granite State And Its Startup Ecosystem

I woke up this past Tuesday, excited to be going on a Boston adventure with our Chief Revenue Officer Kyle York and our Talent Acquisition Specialist Juliane Theriault. What I didn’t know was that I’d spend most of the day defending New Hampshire.

Kyle was speaking at the Boston Startup School about everything from startups, company culture, evolving job responsibilities and more.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I jumped at the chance to spend the day with my boss Kyle, who I don’t get to spend much one-on-one time with because of his hectic work schedule. The crazy Boston morning traffic allowed for lots of time to chat. I’m not sure how people do that every day, but it made me appreciate my four-minute drive to work.

We got to the Harvard innovation lab and I figured I would be more of a fly on the wall for one of Kyle’s talks.  I was pleasantly surprised that Juliane and I got to participate in educating the students as well. They were filled with eager, interested people who had tons of questions for Kyle and after his talk, Juliane and I got to interact with them.

They were interested in everything and anything we could tell them about Dyn. However, the questions and comments I heard from pretty much everyone were, “Dyn seems amazing, but I don’t think I can live in New Hampshire.”, “How can you persuade me to move to New Hampshire?”, “I like my social life, so what will I do in New Hampshire?”, “Is there anything fun to do in New Hampshire?”, “You were born AND raised in New Hampshire and you still like it?”

You get the picture.

newhampshireI was floored and felt like I had to defend my precious home state. I thought I understood the struggles that Dyn was having by trying to put NH on the map, re-naming Manchester the “Silicon Millyard” and pushing the startup ecosystem. But I never realized how outsiders truly viewed the Granite State.

Juliane, Kyle and I all pushed the great benefits of Manchester’s booming downtown life, the Verizon Wireless Arena, the Millyard business world and that the beach, mountains and Boston are all just 45 minutes away. These benefits are all great reasons why Dyn is so passionate about creating jobs here and pushing the startup world to open up shop here.

The funny thing was these students did not grow up that far away from New Hampshire.

Some were from Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey, but still it seemed New Hampshire was a world away and far from a growing business environment like Boston.

I did the best I could in the time I had to express my love for New Hampshire — Manchester especially — and the many benefits of seeking out a career here.  I now have a better grasp of the challenges companies like ours have in proving to people Manchester can be a great place for a tech startup.

Kyle told the students, “You may not agree now, but in three years this pitch will work great.” I couldn’t agree more. Having grown up here, I have witnessed first hand how much Manchester has grown for the better and now offers up more opportunities. I know Kyle is right. In time, hopefully, we won’t have to defend or pitch New Hampshire; it will have made a name for itself in the business world and people will not question starting a career here.

I enjoyed my day interacting with these students and feel we all learned from each other.

We are working on setting up a field trip for them to come up to Manchester soon and I know they’ll be pleasantly surprised but what they see.

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