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What Robert Kraft Taught Me About Running A Company

I had the pleasure of listening to Robert Kraft, the great owner of the New England Patriots and the head of The Kraft Group, at a recent Mass TLC event. I took in a lot of what he said and was able to relate it to the way Dyn operates.

Our company, as you may or may not know, is very big on company culture and host an event called Culture-Con which shows how obsessed we are with it.  When an individual is interviewed, not only are their skills taken into account, but also their personality and how they would fit into our daily way of life here. It’s a big part of what we look for.

During Kraft’s talk, he touched upon what builds his great team. He said when they are choosing players, they not only value the skills and ability the player brings to the table, but also their personality off the field. In all of his companies, he hires based on integrity, loyalty, work ethic, and brains.

Watch the same talk I did below.

Bob Kraft MassTLC Talk

Kraft is well known for his encouragement of his team to do good with their time off the field and the Patriots are known for being a leading volunteer force in the local community. Much like Dyn, we like to sponsor local events, volunteer in the local community, and really just be a company that the community looks up to and is happy to have represent the local startup community.

Another key trait he looks for is to make sure the people hired are good representatives of the brand. Dyn is all about their brand and truly want people who work here to be an extension of our brand.

Kraft said that in all of the his companies, he knows that all employees or players want to feel a part of something special and want to feel connected to the company.  I know just from my experience here at Dyn, that statement could not be more true. Employees here know what we’ve achieved and continue to strive for greatness and success. I think that is part of what creates this amazing culture.

The buzz and excitement of what has happened with us makes employees want to continue on this path of success. We want to do our best so we continue to ride the wave of greatness. When you tell someone you work at Dyn, the usual response is “Wow, you are so lucky. Are they hiring?”  Dyn has built something that everyone wants to be a part of.

Because of that mentality, our company functions as one big team, even with an office in another country! I feel every individual here operates with the team in mind, not always themselves first.  A prime example of how that relates to the Kraft team is the recent news of Tom Brady readjusting his contract so the team can spend more money to invest in other talent. He is loyal (one of Kraft and Dyn’s values) to the team and knew that looking out for the Patriots team as a whole would be a win in the long run for the organization.

What I learned from all of this was that running a company is much like running a football team. A company is essentially a team and it’s important to look for certain values in individuals when you hire them. That will help contribute to the construction of an amazing team and drive the company as a whole to success.

Bob Kraft Q & A

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