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Black Market DDoS Attacks Up Triple Digits – Don’t Be Unprepared

Black Market DDoS Attacks up Triple DigitsIt should come as no surprise to readers of our blog that DDoS attacks are at record highs. There’s barely a week that goes by without word of a new, large-scale attack. In the past two months we’ve commented on the Pokemon Go attacks, the Library of Congress attack and the hit to World of Warcraft’s parent Blizzard’s

Now, today, FedScoop issued news from cyber security specialists Imperva that over the past year its customers saw a 211 percent year-over-year increase in DDoS attacks.

According to the article,

“The firm largely attributed this apparent growth to the establishment of several botnet operations — which serve as a platform to automate and increase attack volume — and malicious actors’ ability to access greater bandwidth to help generate and use such weapons. Dark Web dealers are using these botnets, according to Imperva, to offer more effective cyber tools to would-be customers…

‘The amount of traffic, or bandwidth, that is able to be generated and used as a weapon is at an all-time high. This is likely the result of more compromised machines with higher bandwidth,’ Imperva Vice President Tim Matthews told FedScoop.

In short, hackers are able to launch denial of service attacks by manipulating a hosting provider to re-route IP addresses towards a preferred server.”

Clearly, the number of DDoS attacks on unsuspecting business is only slated to increase moving ahead – increasing the odds that ill-prepared organizations could pay a heavy price in the event of an attack or outage. Preparing for these attacks with an Internet Performance Management (IPM) solution that can predict and help preempt these attacks is no longer a luxury – it’s a CIOs business imperative. Mikel Steadman, Dyn’s Director of Sales & Solution Engineering, recently wrote about Dyn’s DDoS mitigation approach here. It’s well worth the read in light of the increasingly prevalent attacks to companies around the world.

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