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Bigger Coats: Resizing DynDNS Users For Dynect

A few hundred DynDNS users may have been contacted by me recently (and still more will be) and it actually made me think that maybe it would be easier to write a blog explaining why I’m contacting them. Think of this as an appetizer of sorts.

While the origin story of my efforts may not be as glorious as the one about our company, the biggest reason I’ve been reaching out to our DynDNS users is actually really cool and involves re-fitting them for a bigger coat.

At the end of 2010, our always curious CEO Jeremy Hitchcock decided it would be cool to look at some specific reports on DynDNS. With the help of the Ops team, he was able to put together a list of the highest traffic domains on DynDNS based on sample times in January 2011. Normally, we don’t look at too much traffic reporting for DynDNS, but with some work and time, we can and so, we did. The results were stunningly interesting.

As I went through the highest trafficked domains (visiting each and every one of the top 1000), I found some extremely cool sites using our services. Among them: a social gaming giant being called the Zynga of South America, another Icelandic site that hosts online chess tournaments where winners can earn prizes, an up-and-coming news company, a social bookmarking site, dozens of useful software companies and more.

In a way, I looked at the report as a form of spring cleaning. While DynDNS can easily handle all of these sites’ traffic, we never really designed it for the accounts getting .7 QPS or more in mind and some of the top sites were using thousands of queries per second.  Obviously, we weren’t going to kick users off the network for their traffic, but to be honest, the first thought that shot through my brain was this scene from Tommy Boy.

We didn’t want them to rip their coat.

My mission became fairly simple: contact these companies, figure out their traffic rank out of 4 million users and help educate them on the value of transitioning to our anycasted enterprise DNS network: the Dynect Platform.  Many of them were interested in hearing about this next level and what it could do for them, which was awesome.

At this point, I could ramble on with tech info about the platform and how we have 17 DNS PoPS (and growing!) shattering the universe with blazing fast DNS resolution, but a lot of the users needed some education on the key benefits.  When we talk with most companies, latency always seems to be the most important thing with an outsourced DNS provider and Dynect actually runs circles around its little brother for these high-traffic destination sites.

Outside of the latency, most of the high-traffic DynDNS users I spoke with fell in love with some of the other features. Whether it was the real-time reporting, the easy to use UI, the user permission settings, the access to manage more than one account, capabilities to do load balancing or failover, the more these users learned, the more they were into it.

Businesses and start-ups go through so much as it is, so we designed Dynect to give DynDNS users a place to graduate to — a bigger coat for those with higher DNS traffic, zones, domains and/or other needs.

So who has benefited?

Last month, we worked with nearly 40 different DynDNS clients and most of them have either migrated over, demoed or are at least in the process of learning more. Many of them had no idea about Dynect and that’s exactly why I emailed them. Whether it is a cool VoIP company like Star2Star or the same South American gaming giant I mentioned earlier (Vostu), both are now enjoying a larger more global DNS network. DynDNS was perfect for them as they were first starting out. Quora, who some are saying is going to be the next Twitter (another DynDNS graduate), is taking advantage of the faster latency times and the easy migration.

Yet another site, Pink Bike, even wrote a really nice blog about us. Others also ended up taking a look at our email delivery infrastructure, analytics , and SmartMTA email delivery service.

It’s cool to think that all of this started with a simple report on high-traffic clients. With that being said, no matter what size coat any of our clients need, we have our clients covered. Need to know more about either DynDNS and Dynect? Email me for a fitting.

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