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Best Of The Dyn Blog: April 2011

April came and went like Rickey Henderson stealing a base in ’86, didn’t it? As we move toward the middle of May (already?), let’s take a few minutes to look at the most popular blog posts from last month based on your likes and tweets.

In the mix, we spotlight a nice product update, go north of the border to look at spam mail and change our company policy based on Portal 2’s release. It’s just TRL back when MTV used to play videos…it’s the best of the Dyn blog from April 2011!

The Awesomeness of Internet Guide…Now With Continue To Site!

One of the fun parts of being in the early stages of my Dyn career is getting more in-depth with products and services that we offer. One of those is Internet Guide, which I got educated on via Cory von Wallenstein and Ben “Bombastic” Anderson. We recently enhanced this free tool and made some adjustments to make it even better.

This post gives some color to Internet Guide, what we did and what’s to come. What’s really cool is that we already made some updates based on suggestions in the comments section. We take this feedback seriously and that’s proof right there.

Portal 2 Arrives, Dyn Adjusts Day Off Policy Accordingly

If you’re into gaming, you heard about the release of Portal 2 last month, one of the biggest game releases of 2011. We have a very large population of gamers at Dyn and upon certain release days, we noticed a lot of people would use PTO and take the day off. Coincidence? Hardly.

One of our policies here is that employees get their birthday off with no penalty to built-up PTO. We decided to make an adjustment and add the option to take a game release day off instead of one’s birthday. It was our nod to the gaming community here at Dyn and another reason that we’re changing the way that companies are typically run. (And it got picked up by several other news sources, which was nice validation).

Here’s our outlook on it — our top post for last month.

Canadian Anti-Spam Laws: Not Just About Email Anymore

We fight the good fight against spam every day and flat out don’t work or want to work with those that are looking to send spam email. That’s why we have taken a considerable interest in the soon-to-be enforced rules in Canada regarding spam mail and communications in general.

If you think they don’t affect you here in the U.S., think again.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Spam Mail

One of our SmartMTA support peeps and I were chatting about spam one day and he mentioned a fun fact that I wasn’t aware of. We got to talking and I suggested that he put together a post on it. Lo and behold, he did his research and came up with a very popular post on the always fun subject of spam.

Optimize Your Transactional Email, Grow Your Company’s Brand

While marketing emails garner the most amount of attention with design and content, why are transactional emails treated so badly? Brett Houle thinks this could be different and provides a laundry list of solutions that any business can use to help further develop and improve their transactional emails.

Josh Nason is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Dyn, an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) company that features a full suite of DNS and email delivery solutions for enterprise, personal and small business. Follow at Twitter: @joshnason and @dyninc.

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