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Behind The Scenes At A DynTini

It’s a Tuesday in late January around dinner time and swarms of people are hurrying to 150 Dow Street. The smell of Queen City Cupcakes fills the air as the doors constantly revolve, bringing in fresh and eager faces. A crowd gathers around the custom martini bar and with lights flashing, Jay Nash takes the stage. The night has just begun.

If you’ve ever taken a tour around our headquarters, there’s no question Dyn has an “out of the box” perspective. As a company, we are constantly looking for ways to stand out and put both Dyn and Manchester, NH, on the map. We enjoy sharing our individuality with others and our events, especially DynTinis, are a great way to bring the community together.

Not only do people have an amazing night of great food, music, and socializing, but it also provides an excellent source of awareness for us: Who are they? What does Dyn actually do? How can that help me?  We don’t turn down any chance at networking with current customers or potential clients.

Much like the services we provide, these events almost seem like they come together by magic. You’re not exactly sure how things got there or what goes on behind-the-scenes. All you know is it took some planning, it works and it’s awesome! But when you take a peek behind the curtain at a DynTini, it may surprise you about the amount of preparation that actually goes into an event.

The Plan

Hoots & HellmouthPlanning for each party begins roughly a month in advance. Everything from the theme to the music to the beer and wine supply needs to be considered in order to have the party go off without a hitch (or at least without anyone noticing)!

Our Chief Revenue Officer Kyle York has a side project — 1band 1brand — that focuses on music and fashion and helps us get the hottest upcoming artists that really help set the mood for the night.

Since working at Dyn, I’ve noticed we really try to bring together employees’ other passions any way that we can, which is where “Music Meets Tech” comes into play.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “They’ve got a hook up with cool bands from their inside connections, so it can’t be that hard!” But have you ever planned a party for 200+ attendees? If so, you can sympathize that “easy” may not be the first word choice in describing the setup process.

We do our best to try and determine how many people will be coming via eRSVPs, but those are estimates at best. The budget is known once the date is set and it is mostly spent on the band, food and drinks, even though the theme and decorations are equally important.

The Day Of

The day of the event is filled with craziness (well, more than usual that is). Everyone has to work together to get the office ready for party mode and make sure we cross our T’s and dot our I’s. From ice trips to visual setups to sound checks, everything needs to be perfect. This perfection comes from experience, some trial and error and lessons learned. We are always striving for improvements in whatever we do.

After making it into the BusinessNH Hall Of Fame for Best Companies To Work For and being named an Inc. Magazine Winning Workplace, we pride ourselves on our unique culture and how it has helped us prosper. DynTinis started as a spontaneous networking event (much smaller than what most are used to now), consisting of an open bar in a casual setting in conjunction with events and conferences we were at. It has always been a great way for customers to stay connected with us on a personal level and not only on business matters.

These deep connections have helped both DynTinis, and Dyn in general, evolve. It has been a wild ride, but one made more enjoyable by cupcakes, beer, great music and even better friends and co-workers.

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