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Are You In A Groove With Your Work?

One of my favorite blog posts I’ve written at Dyn was “Find Your Hooks in Your Work” where the simple premise is outlined in its first paragraph:

“Everyone needs to find his or her hooks in their work. When I first came to Dyn to help grow market share, revenue, profitability, brand recognition and credibility, I didn’t know a thing about DNS. Even the acronym was cloudy at best. Although I now believe “DNS is Sexy“, DNS was never the hook for me. Read on to learn what gets me going and keeps me operating at full speed.”

I encourage you to go back and check out that post if you haven’t yet. Like it, share it, leave a comment and tell us what gets you out of bed each day.

As a follow-up, something else has become apparent to me: everyone needs to find his or her groove in their work. I’ve been talking a lot about this lately with our sales guys and gals, but it truly is meaningful for anyone grinding away professionally.

In regards to our team, it really comes down to each sales rep finding his or her own unique approach, style and comfort zone where success comes naturally.

Albert Pujols In The Groove
Albert Pujols is in the groove at his job. How about you?

Typically it’s a moment of enlightenment when you ask you yourself, “Why was this ever so hard?”

Obviously, as we’ve grown we’ve instituted no shortage of guidelines, processes, trainings, metrics and management support but at the end of the day, there is no exact science that guarantees success across the board. That is on each individual to control. Through trial and error, each rep finds his or her groove and once they do each deal, day, month and quarter slows down, anxiety subsides and personal growth shines.

For any experienced sales rep out there, you know exactly the moment of realization I’m referring to. It’s game changing. I’d go as far as saying it’s life-altering.

For me, it came in a single moment about 90 days into my career at Dyn. I was able to draw that very important line between what I knew and what I didn’t. Even though my job has evolved and each day presents new challenges, that groove has and forever will be that undeniable zone I strive to grasp hold and never let go of.

Athletes get in the zone. Business people find their groove. Have you found your groove in your work?

If so, tell us about it in the comments below. If not, what’s holding you back?

P.S. – If you’re a football fan, country music fan or wondering what I’m talking about above, you must watch this Kenny Chesney video featuring Sean Payton, head coach of the NFL’s New Orleans Saints. It’s epic. He refers to a euphoric feeling you get playing a high school football game under the lights on a Friday night. This may sound crazy, but I still get this in every big presentation, prospect pitch, heated negotiation or customer win. It’s why I absolutely love my job and absolutely love sales. You have eight minutes in your day to get inspired and if not, find it.


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Kyle York
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