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Announcing Exciting Updates to Dyn’s Message Management Product

Sending and tracking emails just got a whole lot easier for developers and startups. I’m pleased to announce new developer-friendly packages and code libraries within our Message Management product! Don’t miss the special offer at the bottom of this post…

With these new packages in our Express Email Delivery product, startups and developers can easily develop code that sends and tracks emails, and integrating this messaging directly into their own applications. Now, users have all they need to integrate with ease, scale more quickly, and ensure their most crucial communications to customers are always delivered without fail.

Email Delivery Express users can now:

  • Take advantage of Dyn’s flexible integration options like sending through its API, and gathering reports and statistics through a RESTful API or Postback API.
  • Tag messages (using customizable x-headers) for more granular reports for specific campaigns or regions
  • Understand recipient’s engagement with their mail by tracking opens and clicks to create tailored content which can increase conversions
  • Evaluate email campaign success via specific mailbox providers by filtering open and click reports by a domain (i.e. gmail).
  • Create and manage sub-accounts to separate various streams of email

We’ve also introduced a new Dyn Software Development Kit, which has traffic management and message management code libraries for Python, Ruby, JS, PHP and Java. With these new kits, developers don’t have to try to wrap their heads around all of the individual API calls, their parameters, and options — which can be a daunting task.

In addition to these new features, Dyn Email Delivery Express users still have access to RepCheck deliverability monitoring, an easy-to-read dashboard, giving users more insight into their sending reputation. Our reputation monitoring provides at a glance deliverability assurance for items such as authentication, volume/frequency, complaint rates and bounce handling. Users also enjoy access to Dyn’s Support and Deliverability team, who can troubleshoot issues and ensure messages always get where they need to go.

Our hope is that startups and developers can now benefit from all the great resources Dyn has to offer, and scale their business. We’ve got loads of experience — delivering billions of emails per month for thousands of clients, with an email inbox placement rate 13 percent higher than the industry average. We’re also one of the top five Email Delivery providers among Top 1000 visited websites, according to Alexa.

To help everyone get started, we’ve lowered the prices of our Email Delivery Express packages and are offering the first 10 developers who either add a feature to our SDK’s via a Pull Request or implement within their own GitHub Application a free Dyn swag kit. Hit us up with your entries @Dyn or @MikeVeilleux on twitter!

We hope you enjoy!

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Mike Veilleux is a Director of Product Management at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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