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DNS Tourism: Dyn Opens Datacenter in Amsterdam

MANCHESTER, NH Dyn is proud to announce the opening of their latest data center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is the seventh data center for the company that is one of the Internet’s largest and most reliable providers of domain, zone and email solutions.

Over the past 10 years, Dyn has built a robust and stable network that spans three continents. Other sites include Chicago, Boston, London and Hong Kong. With this geographically diverse network, the company is able to offer its customers a solid anycast network with extremely low latency across the world.

The installation in Amsterdam was key to the growth of the company’s DynECT Platform, an enterprise-class DNS solution. The Amsterdam site is completely dedicated to DynECT traffic, maximizing capacity in Europe and ensuring the best possible speeds across the continent.

“Our install in Amsterdam reinforces our commitment to our world-wide community of users,” said Jeremy Hitchcock, Chief Executive Officer, Dyn. “With this new data center, we are better serving the European population with more redundancy, increased capacity and decreased latency.”

Dyn selected Amsterdam for their latest site for a number of reasons. Amsterdam is one of the largest peering points in the world, assuring the best connectivity and faster resolution times across Europe. The Amsterdam site also increases European redundancy for the company, making the network even more dependable and sturdy.

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