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A Recap of Internet Data & Analytics Inside Baseball

In 2010, Dyn CMO Kyle York had a bold idea: invite a bunch of DNS industry insiders to Dyn’s headquarters in Manchester, NH, just to talk shop. There were no apologies for the esoteric subject matter.

The whole point was to talk “inside baseball” about DNS, which inspired the name of the event: “DNS Inside Baseball”. Dyn has grown a lot since 2010 from a Managed DNS company to an Internet Performance company helping companies monitor, control and optimize their online infrastructure. With six successful DNS Inside Baseball events under our belt, we decided to expand the Inside Baseball concept, just as Dyn itself has expanded. It was time for an event focused on another of Dyn’s core capabilities; Internet data and analytics.

Last week we made that happen. We partnered with our colleagues at Akamai to hold the first-ever “Internet Data and Analytics Inside Baseball” in Cambridge, MA on October 28. David Belson (author of Akamai’s “State of the Internet” report) graciously agreed to host. We welcomed participants from the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, Farsight Security, Kentik, Maxmind, Neustar, and, of course, Akamai and Dyn. We were pleased at the diverse background of the participants that included not just experienced network leaders, but also business leaders and academic researchers.

This group had a clear appreciation for the importance of data to their business as well as their partners. There was active participation with a strong interest in defining best practices and developing a standard of excellence in the space. There was a deep respect among the participants regarding how the world views how they package and report data. We just scratched the surface of possible topics: much more could be said about best practices around data storage and security, for example.

I’d like to thank my colleagues for attending and for a great day of thought-provoking discussions. The event was a success and we’re already thinking about ways to improve it for next year.

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