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BidorBuy: A Major Part of South Africa’s Internet Boom

The Internet has made it possible for users all over the world to connect with each other and sell their products globally. Online industries have boomed in countries like the United States, the UK, and China, but countries with slower Internet adoption rates have been slow to join the ecommerce boom.

In the past year, South Africa seen a surge in Internet users, ecommerce traffic, and connectivity. The country’s Internet revenue is estimated to hit 71.6 Billion Rand in 2018, according to CNBC Africa. This year online sales has doubled within 3 years.

According to the statistics in the IAB SA (Interactive Advertising Bureau, South Africa), 51% of South African site visits are female and most site visits are between 20-50 years old. Mobile technology and the ease of access to the Internet has allowed for this fast growth in websites traffic.

One of the largest e commerce sites contributing to this high growth is bidorbuy, one of the largest ecommerce websites in South Africa. Essentially, bidorbuy is the eBay equivalent of South Africa. They see 30 million page views per month, have over 1.5 million items for sale and 1 million unique visitors every month. bidorbuy brings buyers and sellers together to trade almost anything through online auctions and fixed price sales. To ensure that visitors can connect with sellers as fast as possible, bidorbuy leverages Dyn’s Managed DNS service to optimize the performance and availability of the website.

“DNS is a business-critical service, not just for us but for the thousands of our sellers who rely on bidorbuy services to generate income,” shared Gerd Naschenweng, bidorbuy Chief Technical Officer. “Moving to a reliable provider, such as Dyn, was essential to ensure that our DNS services are properly managed and functional at all times. In addition, Dyn’s superior reporting and configuration management capabilities give us valuable insights into our day-to-day operations and allow us to fine tune our DNS settings to optimize performance.”

Sites such as Bid or Buy are becoming big business in South Africa and Dyn are helping ensure that their site is always available for its end users. We expect to see great things coming out African websites in the near future.

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