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Dyn 5K Challenge: Our Epic DNS & Email Delivery Performance Race

There is an old phrase that goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Well put down your pudding cups, ladies and gentlemen, because to prove Dyn has the best Internet Infrastructure, we’re kicking off the Dyn 5K Challenge at next week’s Velocity ’12 in Santa Clara, CA!

Ever wanted to rock those stylish sweat bands and short shorts you bought on discount at or run your heart out to the powerful, thunderous motivational soundtrack of everyone’s favorite 80s hair band, Europe. Well, this may NOT be the race for you.

But starting next Monday at booth #503 at Velocity, attendees can defy all odds, bring a nation to their feet and heroically challenge us to an epic DNS and/or email delivery performance race. No iPads, no bogus gimmicks and absolutely no chumps: just a good old fashioned Internet footrace with five days of DNS, 5000 emails and only one true champion.

Here’s all the details and how even those that can’t be there can get in the race.

For DNS, here’s how it works:finish-line

  1. Come to booth #503.
  2. Say you want in and tell us your company’s busiest domain.
  3. After the show, we’ll throw your domain against a dummy domain on our network. Once the race results are ready, we’ll contact you with the results of our five-day speed test.

Email’s even easier:

  1. Come to booth #503.
  2. Say you want in. We’ll contact you with some basic questions, learn/analyze your current sending behavior (sorry bros…no spammers allowed) and give you a 5000 email demo account.
  3. Once you get caught up from the show, we’ll go over the race results.

It’s almost too easy. Are you too afraid to sign up at Velocity? We’ll still hook you up. Just email us with the subject line of ‘Dyn 5K Challenge’ to sign up today!

Bring it on!

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