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5 Great Dyn Clients To Distract You From Doing Actual Work

Last month, a colleague of mine here at Dyn (I don’t want to point any fingers, but his name rhymes with Schott Schith) sent out an email to all employees with a link to the live video feed of the Discovery space shuttle launching.

For those next two minutes here in Manchester, time stood still.

As in most work places, distractions are part of the everyday life here at Dyn Inc. Whether Creepy Tyler The Robot is cruising for a bruising around the office with a “kick me” sign posted on his back (poor robot) or John D’Amato seeing how far he can walk away from his desk phone without losing wireless headset reception (he’s still walking), we definitely live the mantra of work hard, play hard.

Luckily, our team perseveres through these distractions, allowing for a healthy fun-to-work ratio that makes us great. So in the spirit of the Discovery and doing work, I put together five great Dyn Inc. clients that will distract you from actually doing work.

Just don’t tell your boss!


Most of you probably know about this one, but it was engineered to be the World’s Greatest Time Stealer and it easily deserves the honor. StumbleUpon is an amazing and powerful Web 2.0 engine that allows users to discover new sites based on your personal taste.

For example, I like reading about video advertising and StumbleUpon kindly delivered me the amazing web site for Gorgeous Enterprises (a UK-based film production company). Ten minutes later, I finally found the strength and discipline to close the window after laughing at my desk as my mouse hovered over all the different cats on their contact page. Feel free to Stumble this page if you like it.

Tip Trick: Laughing out loud in a quiet office without explaining it to your coworkers may make those surrounding you feel uncomfortable.

I Can Has Cheezburger

Do you like cute animals? Do you like cute animals doing funny things? Do you like not finishing your project before its deadline? If so, this site is for you.

I Can Has Cheezburger and its sister sites (which includes one of my personal favorites, Failblog) will pick you up when you’re down and has brought smiles to a whole generation of web surfers. Many of the internet’s most popular memes may not have been spawned on the blog, but have springboarded into the internet mainstream thanks to unselfish distractors sharing links with one another.

Tip Trick: At the end of the day, you’re less likely to be in trouble for being behind on a project if your whole team is. Don’t be afraid to delegate some of your distractions with your colleagues.


Hey guys? 1999 called and it wants its CD Burner back….but wasn’t it fun making mix CDs? 8tracks is the textbook classic work distraction that not only lets you make cool music mixes for yourself, but allows you to share it with anyone you want on the interwebs. Whether your mix is personal, for your special lady/man friend or your boss before your next big review, 8tracks is a great time killer for you clock-starers.

Tip Trick: Don’t put “Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy on your boss’s mix before your review.

Spil Games

In a lot of ways, Spil Games may very well be one of the coolest Dynect clients I have ever found. Since discovering them, my productively has decreased almost 65%. (Editor’s Note: He’s kidding…I think.)

Ryan's Production - SpilGames

Whether you want to relive your glory days and play some 4 Level Pinball or try and do needlessly cool flips on your dirt bike in Uphill Rush, the biggest rush is to play these games without getting caught by your superiors.

Tip Trick: As most of you already know, don’t be afraid to take shortcuts in life, like ALT+TAB.


Remember when all those classic rock bands broke up in the 70s and 80s and they went on to form supergroups like the Traveling Wilburys and Journey? That’s what Indeed is like.

As much as I love distractions, if you feel unchallenged by your current work and you get tired of looking for time assassins, why not get distracted by looking for other jobs? Indeed is a website that accumulates thousands of job postings across newspapers, job boards and other job sites. Why not do something you actually enjoy?

Tip Trick: Did you know Dyn’s hiring? Check us out if you actually want to enjoy work and contribute to something awesome.

At the end of the day, I can’t promise spending your work day on these sites will help you keep your job. What I can promise you is the DNS request will be answered and done so in a timely fashion. Dyn Inc. can ensure the world that all of these work distractions are available and the thousands of other great clients that I didn’t even mention. Will you be the next?

Tip Trick: Email me

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