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5 Ways 2013 Will Surpass Our 2012: Data Centers, Email & More Talent

2012 was a monumental year at Dyn (our best year ever!), but we’ve never been ones to settle. That is why we think 2013 is going to be even better. How can we top ourselves you ask? Well, here’s five ways I think 2013 is going to be known, henceforth, as the year of Dyn.

Hiring new tech leaders

If you weren’t aware, we are growing fast. In 2012 alone, we hired more than 80 people. With all that growth, it would be easy to lose our focus. But that is not happening here. Despite our enviable office space and crazy marketing campaigns, we’re the same tech hungry, engineering focused company we’ve always been.

stair view
2013 is going to be so big, Dyn needed more office space.

This is evident in the kind of world-class tech talent we’ve been able to attract. This year already, we’ve announced the hiring of Dave Connors (formerly of Constant Contact) as our VP of Technical Operations, and Claudia Santoro (formerly co-founder of Vsnap) as our Director of Email Engineering.

In addition, we’ve promoted Andrew Sullivan, a legend in the DNS space, to our Director of DNS Engineering. And there’s more to come. We’re still looking for a VP of Product. Could that be you?

Shaking up the IaaS industry

Since our founding at WPI, Dyn has been synonymous with DNS. In 2010, we expanded our repertoire and entered into the email delivery game. We brought our same bootstrapped and hustle mentality to this new space. Many of our competitors couldn’t understand what we were up to. They didn’t see what we saw.

What we saw was the Internet Infrastructure as a Service industry (IaaS) was growing and also waiting to be defined. We plan on spending 2013 educating the market on our vision for the IaaS space.

We’ll do that through informational blog posts, speaking gigs and the media, but we’re also committed to development evangelism and have our very own Carl Levine defining that role as we speak.

Network expansion

2013 is the year Dyn enters two of the largest growing Internet markets in the world: China and India. Last year, we took trips to both places and did our research on where and how to open a new data center. 2013 promises to be the year we make that a reality. In doing so, we’ll continue offering the fastest uptime and lowest latency to Internet users in every corner of the globe.

Email delivery becomes famous

While we’ll be educating you on the IaaS space, we’ll also be reminding everyone about the importance of email. As the Internet affords companies the opportunity to scale at a rapid pace, ensuring email delivery – still the most trusted form of communication- becomes even more important.

Companies on DynECT Email Delivery are sending millions and millions of emails daily. How many? Well, we’re now sending 600 million emails per month and project to grow that even more in the coming months. Next time you get that payment confirmation in your inbox, think of us.

Expansion, expansion, expansion

In 2011, we moved into an epic 30,000 square foot office in New Hampshire. We’ve already outgrown it! That’s why we’re expanding an additional 30,000 square feet downstairs (see that picture above). Yes, we’re doubling our size. Don’t worry: this new space will include all the cool amenities you’ve come to expect with Dyn: a two-floor climbing wall, dueling slides to get downstairs, a gym and a solarium.

So sit back, relax and let the good times roll. 2012 was a career year for Dyn and in 2013, we may just literally slide right by it!

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