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The 13 Terrifying Horrors Of The Internet

In the spirit of Halloween, we compiled a list of the 13 most terrifying things that can happen to you on the Internet.

Please proceed with caution.

1. DDoS Attacks

Zombies attack your computer. ZOMBIES.

2.  Phishing

Get this: you get an email, click a link and signed into what you thought was your bank account, but it was a phishing email. Now, the phisher has access to your account, and knows that your password is DogsAreAwesome95.

Good thing you don’t use the same password for everything, right?

3.  SPAM

To make it even more horrifying, imagine an inbox full of only messages you don’t want and you can’t bulk delete.

4.  Downtime

I have recurring nightmares about trying to go to…and all I get is a 500 error.

5. Page Hijacking

I wanted to go to but am instead being redirected to, which is all about how corgis are awful! No!

6.  Bounced Email

All you wanted to do was email your Aunt Sally a thank you note for the hand-knitted socks she made you for your birthday, but the message keeps bouncing back. How will she know your appreciation!?

7.  Latency

You only have 5 minutes of free time to surf the Internet and Facebook. Just. Won’t. Load.

8.  404 Pages

WHAT DO YOU MEAN cannot be found!?

9. Websites That Autoplay Music

Let’s hope your volume is low, otherwise you and everyone around you will be involuntarily rocking out to the Jonas Brothers.

10. Blue Screen of Death

That feeling you get in your stomach when the bright blue wall descends down your screen. Try turning it off and on again.

11. Viruses

Sure, I’d love to download a video of corgi puppies from this strange email address. Oh no! Virus. See: Blue Screen of Death.

12. Purchased Lists

Buying a list is like getting Skootles instead of Skittles while trick or treating. Sketchy.

13. Pop Up Ads

They just keep coming! (Honorable mention: pop under ads. Where is that voice coming from?)

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