Active Failover

Ensure high availability for all your web properties

Why Active Failover?

When you have a data center, CDN, or cloud provider outage, Active DNS Failover from Dyn enables your website or web-based applications to stay up and running – all while making the experience seamless for both your customers and for your business.

Compatible with both IP addresses and CNAMEs, Active DNS Failover gives you more options for your endpoint selections. When Dyn detects an outage, your traffic is automatically re-routed to an alternate endpoint that you’ve pre-configured. That endpoint can be anything from a data center, content delivery network, or cloud provider. With one of the fastest propagation times in the industry, Dyn ensures your traffic is re-routed to a healthy location as quickly as possible.

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No Additional Hardware or Resources Required

No need to buy hardware, install software, or hire more IT personnel.

24/7/365 Endpoint Monitoring

We monitor around the clock so that in the instance of an outage, your traffic is seamlessly re-routed and you receive immediate email notification of the issue.

Customizable Monitoring Intervals

Set monitoring intervals as low as one minute and TTLs as low as 30 seconds.

How Active Failover Works

Dyn constantly monitors your primary IP from three separate locations (eliminating the possibility of regional disturbances triggering unnecessary failovers) at intervals you designate to verify that it is responding.

You select the IP address or host- name to be monitored, along with the monitoring interval and the Time To Live (TTL). The monitoring interval states how often monitoring probes from the monitoring sites occur. To ensure rapid failover for your most critical services, Dyn allows you to set monitoring intervals as low as one minute and TTLs as low as 30 seconds.

Dyn: Active Failover Diagram

You can configure the monitoring system to check if your service is running on either HTTP, HTTPS, Ping, SMTP, TCP protocols. As soon as any of the services you’ve named fail to respond from at least two different monitoring locations, your traffic will automatically be moved to a different endpoint.

With Active Failover from Dyn, The likelihood of site downtime is dramatically reduced and recovery time is faster. There are no manual changes to make and you don’t have to detect the problems first. The Active Failover service is fully automated, allowing you to address issues in the background while your site remains available.