Traffic Management

Traffic Management from Dyn

Ensure Your Web Properties Always Deliver Exceptional Online Experiences

Stay available and secure while improving the speed of your company’s web properties with Dyn’s Traffic Management. Improve your customer’s online experiences with your brand.

If your company relies on your websites and online applications for business you know the importance of ensuring availability 24/7/365. The impact of downtime can be devastating; financial losses and damage to your brand can have long-term effects on both revenue and growth.

Built on a robust, world-class anycast network, Dyn's Traffic Management solutions give you the peace of mind that your web properties are available even if data center or cloud provider outages occur. A vendor-agnostic connectivity layer, Dyn’s Traffic Management ensures you are operating your infrastructure cost efficiently, putting you in control to move traffic to the best resource available for each customer experience.

Protect your brand from costly outages

  • Ensure consistent availability while infrastructure updates and security patches are being performed.
  • Keep your website up and running even if a data center fails by rerouting traffic to a pre-configured alternate endpoint – a data center, content delivery network (CDN) or cloud provider.
  • Roll out new cloud providers, CDNs, or data centers without impact on the availability of your online properties.

Safety & Security
Assure a safe operating environment

  • Mitigate the impact natural disasters, DDoS attacks, or other issues could have on your Web properties.
  • An intuitive user dashboard helps to assure that changes to DNS zones and records are made without error.
  • Roll out new functionality to a selected portion of your audience to ensure high performance and availability.

Speed & Performance
Improve website load times

  • Protect against performance degradation by rerouting traffic to better performing end points.
  • Ensure every visitor reaches the optimal endpoint based on their location.

Lower Costs & Increase Revenue
Ensure customers can reach your website

  • Leverage the Internet to gain competitive advantage.
  • Provide faster, more consistent performance to all users throughout the world.

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