Test Account

To avoid your own accounts and hostnames becoming blocked when developing a client, the test account and test hostnames have been provided for client testing during the development process. The test account or any of the test hostnames cannot be a default within a client.

The username for the test account is simply test, and the password is also test.

The available test hostnames for DynDNS are:

  • test.dyndns.org
  • test.ath.cx
  • test.dnsalias.net
  • test.dnsalias.org
  • test.dnsalias.com
  • test.homeip.net
  • test.mine.nu
  • test.merseine.nu
  • test.shacknet.nu

The available test hostnames for Dyn Standard DNS are:

  • test1.customtest.dyndns.org
  • test2.customtest.dyndns.org
  • test3.customtest.dyndns.org
  • test4.customtest.dyndns.org
  • test5.customtest.dyndns.org
  • test6.customtest.dyndns.org
  • test7.customtest.dyndns.org
  • test8.customtest.dyndns.org
  • test9.customtest.dyndns.org

Those hostnames are regularly unblocked; if one of them is blocked for update abuse, use another one.

To prevent abuse, the test account cannot be used to log into the website.


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