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Case Study: How Spiceworks Is Powered By Dyn Managed DNS


spiceworksFounded in 2006, Spiceworks powers the world’s largest community of IT professionals and technology vendors, helping them connect, discuss and manage everything IT. Their goal is to simplify the life of IT pros by providing a free network management app and community where they connect with peers to discuss best practices and learn more about how to keep their environments running in tip-top shape.

The idea obviously resonated. Six months after its beta launch, an IT pro in every country in the world had installed Spiceworks. Today, more than two million IT pros are now using Spiceworks with more than 2000 new members joining each day.

In the beginning, the growing community site used DNS provided by their own data center. However, any time they needed a DNS change, they would have to submit a support ticket that would often take between three to four hours to address. Even when those support tickets were answered, the new record might not show up for 24 hours.

When the data center had a huge outage, Spiceworks knew it was time to move on.

Enter Dyn Managed DNS

Spiceworks began using Dyn Managed DNS in the fall of 2010, although Director of IT/Operations Kris Bushover didn’t remember the exact date. “When something always works, you don’t need to think about it too much.”

Because of that, Bushover and his team have had little need to interact with Dyn’s customer support team. However, the one time he did, they responded rapidly, or so he thought. He said the team from Dyn apologized for being so slow, even though it was anything but.

He also liked how easy the migration to Dyn Managed DNS was: simply export a zone file and then import it.

The Final Word

“We love working with companies that value performance and efficiency as much as we do,” Dyn Chief Technologist Cory von Wallenstein said. “Spiceworks is a great example of that. They’re a company that makes life easier and more efficient for IT pros all over the world.”