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Secondary DNS

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Secondary DNS

It never hurts to have a backup plan.

Why Secondary DNS?

Dyn’s Secondary DNS is a redundant name service for the domains that you manage.

Located on separate networks to prevent downtime, Secondary DNS ensures that if your network goes down, Dyn will continue to resolve your DNS queries.

  • Global Redundancy
  • 600,000 Queries Per Month
  • DNS Server Compatibility
  • 75 DNS Records Per Domain Name
  • A History Of Eliminating Downtime

Global Redundancy

Enjoy the redundancy of our top-level DNS servers with a diverse blend of Tier 1 bandwidth networks across four locations in Asia, North America and Europe.

DNS Server Compatibility

We play well with others. Secondary DNS works with any flavor of DNS server, ensuring you have the flexibility and control of running your own nameserver.

A History Of Eliminating Downtime

Get with the company that has eliminated downtime since 2001 and make sure your web presence is always up and running.