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Secondary DNS

Traffic Management

Secondary DNS

Ensure high availability of your critical infrastructure with a redundant DNS solution.

Why Secondary DNS?

For most organizations, DNS is a critical component to ensuring online services remain available. With revenue-generating web applications, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity all dependant on DNS, you can’t afford to have your DNS go down for any amount of time.

Secondary DNS serves as a redundant complement to your existing DNS services to ensure your most critical applications remain available.

  • Complements Existing DNS Infrastructure
  • High Availability
  • Maintained by the World’s Leading DNS Experts
  • Global Scalability
  • DNS-based DDoS Protection
  • 24x7 Customer Service

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Highest Availability

A secondary DNS service acts as an always-on complement to your existing DNS infrastructure, creating a solution that’s resilient to outages on either network.

If either network becomes unavailable for any reason (hardware failures, DDoS attacks, etc.) the remaining DNS service immediately takes over all requests. Dyn’s global anycast network has achieved 100% availability since its inception.

Industry Leading Expertise

The availability and performance of online services is one of the most important criteria to ensuring an organization’s key initiatives are achieved.

Dyn’s secondary DNS solution is maintained and monitored by many of the world’s most accomplished DNS experts, ensuring your infrastructure is protected against DNS outages caused by human errors, hardware failures, or malicious attacks.

Minimize Risk

As a cloud-based managed service, Dyn's Secondary DNS can be implemented within hours without affecting your existing infrastructure.

An intuitive user interface protects against human error while robust APIs make it easy to quickly migrate to our redundant solution. The end result is a smooth transition to better protection for your applications and services.

Additional Benefits

Complements Existing DNS Infrastructure: No need to replace your existing DNS infrastructure. Our cloud-based Secondary DNS solution complements your existing service, providing the redundancy needed to ensure high availability for all of your online services.

High Availability: Dyn global anycast network has maintained 100% availability since its inception in 2007. This provides the assurance that your applications and services will remain available even if your existing DNS service goes offline for any reason.

Maintained by Experts: Dyn employs many of the leading authorities on DNS in the world. This expertise is visible through all aspects of our solution, including our Network Operations team that monitors the network 24x7, identifying and mitigating any issues that arise, including Internet disturbances and malicious attacks.

Global Scalability: Dyn’s global anycast network extends to every region of the world, providing leading performance and availability to every market. This enables you to leverage our DNS services as you expand your operations globally.

DNS-based DDoS Protection: Dyn’s Network Operations Center monitors our global network 24x7 to identify and mitigate DDoS attacks before they affect your infrastructure. In most cases, our customers don’t even recognize they’ve been the target of an attack until our team informs them that it’s been successfully mitigated.

24x7 Customer Service: Whether you have questions about traffic patterns, need help configuring domains, or simply want to confirm your services are set up correctly, Dyn’s world-class support organization is available 24 x 7 to ensure your success with our platform.