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Looking for DynDNS Pro? You're in the right place! ↨ What's changed? Our look, messaging, and product names. Remote Access was formerly called Pro. What's staying the same? Same great product, features & price!

Remote Access

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Access your device or files using a unique hostname, instead of a confusing (and ever-changing) IP address.

What is it?

Using the technology of Dynamic DNS, Remote Access allows you to remotely access your computer, DVR, webcam, camera system, and other devices using an easy to remember custom hostname.

Simply install our update client to monitor your device, and your hostname will update whenever its IP address changes.

Benefits & Solutions

  • Create up to 30 unique hostnames
  • Rapid propagation with low TTLs
  • Hundreds of premium domains
  • Stellar in-house email support
  • Permanent device connectivity
  • All this and more for only $25/yr!

All that Remote Access has to offer:


Up To 30 Unique Hostnames

Whether you need Dynamic DNS for a single device or multiple locations, Remote Access has you covered with the ability to create up to 30 hostnames ( per purchase of Remote Access. Need more hostnames? Just buy another package of Remote Access!


Rapid Propagation

When your IP address changes, you need your hostname to be updated as quickly as possible. With TTLs that can be set as low as 20 seconds, extremely fast propagation will happen as soon as your update client notifies us.


Premium Domains isn't cutting it? How about, or With Remote Access, you get access to hundreds of premium domains, so you can find the domain that reflects your needs and personality!

Additional Features

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Support Resources Included
The resources listed below answer 90% of FAQs:
  • Support Wizard
    Need help getting set up? Our wizard will guide you through step-by-step
  • Dyn Status
    We'll update our status page with any known issues & maintenance.
  • Dyn Community Forum
    Browse our community, where Dyn novices can seek advice from experts!
If you still have a question about your service, simply login to your account and our email support team will be glad to assist you.
Health Check Service
Would you like to be instantly notified 24/7 if for any reason your domain becomes unavailable? Add the automated Dyn Health Check to your cart at checkout.

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